Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fixes An Old Franchise Problem

While everyone is talking about the massive amount of content in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, including its roster of 74 fighters and 103 stages, there's one new feature that hasn't been given much attention. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate makes getting started ridiculously easy with its new "Create Ruleset" option.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is packed with every fighter in series history, ranging from forgotten characters like Snake and Young Link, to DLC challengers from the last installment, like Ryu and Bayonetta. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate contains an impressive 103 stages, which means only 15 stages from previous games were left out. The game also comes with a new story mode called World of Light, which features various bosses, including Dracula, Ganon, and Monster Hunter's Rathalos. With all of this content stuffed into one game, it's easy to see why some details would be overlooked.

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One of the mostly commonly used modes in all Super Smash Bros. games is the standard Smash mode, which lets players battle it out locally, against CPUs, or both. The beauty of the Smash mode is that it's always completely customizable. Not only do players have access to several types of matches, but they can also adjust the rules to account for a number of different factors. You can limit items, determine the skill of the CPU, decide how many lives you have, and so much more. The freedom in which you can change the rules has evolved with each installment.

One thing that didn't change in the first four Super Smash Bros. games, though, was the rules for a default match. Players fight level 3 CPUs in a 2-minute Timed match. You can, of course, change these settings however you want, but it will always go back to them each time you start up the console or back out of the Smash mode. This being considered, setting up matches generally becomes tedious after a while.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate finally fixes this problem with a relatively simple - and long overdue - solution. The game's "Create Ruleset" option eliminates all of these repetitive steps by letting you set up the game exactly the way you want it, give it a name, and save it. Multiple rulesets can be created using this feature. This way, when you play the Smash mode, you can immediately jump into a match with the desired number of lives, CPU level, and more. Also, having multiple rulesets to choose from is helpful for those who like to play the game in more than one way, but don't want to constantly repeat the setup process.

The inclusion of the "Create Ruleset" option in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate goes hand-in-hand with one more much-needed improvement made to the Smash mode. Now, the Stage Selection screen comes before the Character Selection screen, which means you can start thinking more strategically about which character to use. These small but significant changes are a welcome addition to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. These new features will add more hours of fun by cutting out the setup process. In doing so, Nintendo has made playing Super Smash Bros. easier and faster than ever.

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