Best Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Characters, According to Tournaments

Now that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has been out for over a month, players are finally starting to get an idea of how the the 74-character roster of the game can be tiered. There are a few surprising names on the top 15 characters featured, but overall there are a handful of fighters that were almost givens based on how prominent they are amongst members of the Smash community.

Surprisingly, Wolf is said to be doing the best at regional and national tournaments, with Palutena and Inkling trailing just a little behind. Meanwhile, other initial frontrunners, like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's King K. Rool, Simon Belmont, and Richter Belmont, have dropped off the list entirely as players have learned how best to go about dismantling their respective styles of play.

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These stats were gathered by the Reddit user BernardsLoop, who accumulated data from 88 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate events. The only stipulation is that the events had to have at least 50+ attendees.

  1. Wolf
  2. Palutena
  3. Inkling
  4. Snake
  5. Peach/Daisy
  6. Fox
  7. Chrom
  8. Ness
  9. Pichu
  10. ROB
  11. Lucina
  12. Pokemon Trainer
  13. Olimar
  14. Sonic
  15. Mega Man

The thing about these early rankings is that they are guaranteed to change as time progresses. Given the scale of the roster, it's going to take months and maybe even years to break down which character is truly top tier. There were a few additional notes on the thread as well, stating that Mario is also performing strongly as an all-around fighter. The character was also featured in Screen Rant's guide to the best Super Smash Bros. Ultimate characters for beginners, so it's not too surprising to hear that the hero's approachability has lead to solid returns for those that use him.

Pikachu was also mentioned in that guide, and that character's semi-clone, Pichu, is currently sitting at 9th overall. Since the fighter was treated as more of a joke leading up to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's release, it's entertaining to see the petite Pokemon doing so well in competitive play.

It's hard to tell what other characters may still climb the ranks in the forthcoming weeks, but Fox is said to be a surprising up and comer in the top 15. Mega Man is another that has snuck up on a lot of Super Smash Bros.'s competitive followers. Having said that, there's a strong chance that other surprising choices will appear sooner rather than later.

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