Predicting A Live-Action Super Smash Bros Movie Roster

Setting up a Super Smash Bros. film would be a massive undertaking, but which characters would join the movie first if and when it ever happened?

Super Smash Bros Movie Roster

Now that Detective Pikachu is in theaters, fans are hoping to one day see a live-action Super Smash Bros. movie. As anticipation builds for a followup to this first foray into the world of Pokémon, one of the more interesting comments from the writers behind Detective Pikachu related to how they'd set up a Super Smash Bros. film. It's a neat prospect to consider, but where would an initiative like this even begin?

There are so many different ways that these plans could play off of what was set up in Detective Pikachu. Admittedly, that film does nothing to set up the multi-dimensional aspect that would be required for a film based on Super Smash Bros., but that doesn't mean future films couldn't. One of the best parts of Detective Pikachu is that it sets the stage for a massive Pokémon universe, but it doesn't spend the time exploring that universe just yet.

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Instead, Detective Pikachu leaves the door open for a Detective Pikachu sequel as well as potential spinoffs. Of course, one of those spinoffs should be a live-action Super Smash Bros. movie. But how would a Nintendo Cinematic Universe play out, and who would make the cut for a potential Phase 1 of this endeavor? We have a few ideas.


This should be a no-brainer addition since Detective Pikachu already kicked off the live-action Pokémon universe. The character, voiced by Ryan Reynolds in the film, even has a fleshed out personality to help differentiate him from the rest of the Pikachu in that world. This is, of course, explained at the end of that movie, but perhaps there's a way for the arc to provide the pocket monster with the voice of Reynolds once again. As a bonus, Jigglypuff is also in Detectivie Pikachu, and could easily make a cameo in a Super Smash Bros. movie since it too appeared as a playable character in the original game on Nintendo 64.

Super Mario

The face of Nintendo can't be ignored if there's ever a Super Smash Bros. film on the table. The pudgy plumber known as Mario has a rich history with the fighting game franchise, and several characters from Smash 64's roster originate from his stomping grounds, the Mushroom Kingdom. Luigi, Yoshi, and even Donkey Kong are all tied to the hero, but perhaps visiting the domain of Princess Peach shouldn't be the first focus. A Mario vs Donkey Kong film inspired by the original arcade classic could be a wonderful foray into the universe for the pair. After all, it wouldn't be a Nintendo Cinematic Universe without Super Mario.

Donkey Kong

Building off the idea of a Mario vs Donkey Kong origin film, it's clear that Donkey Kong (Nintendo's version of The Incredible Hulk) would need to be present in a Super Smash Bros. movie, since it would be based around a crossover featuring the company's biggest characters - both literally and figuratively. Donkey Kong is capable of putting his differences with Mario aside to participate in sporting events, go-kart races, and even parties. If there was a greater threat to the universes of Nintendo, Donkey Kong would be one of the first to step up to the challenge.


Gamers have wanted a proper film based on The Legend of Zelda since the game first debuted on the NES back in 1986. There have been rumors that a live-action take on the series was going to happen in the past, namely through a partnership with Netflix, but those never materialized. Of course, if a Super Smash Bros. film were to ever be made, Link would have to be one of the first heroes to have a part in it - and perhaps even his own movie mapped out. Link is an incredibly skilled fighter, and he's certainly worthy enough to appear in a potential Super Smash Bros. movie.


Metroid Prime

Few Nintendo properties are better suited for the big screen than Metroid. Inspired by Ridley Scott's Alien, the game is basically already a proven success for movie-going audiences. Samus Aran is also one of the most iconic characters in gaming today, with a bevy of gadget and abilities made available to her via a Power Suit. While the name is bland, the design and sleekness of the Metroid universe would lend itself incredibly well to a live-action setting.


When a new Super Smash Bros. game is shown off, there are often four characters at the center of the reveal: Mario, Pikachu, Link, and Kirby. The latter is an essential mascot that has lore deeply tied to that of the Smash Bros. series. How so? Well, the villain that's appeared in every entry of the all-star fighting game, Master Hand, has only appeared in one other game outside of Smash. The game? Kirby & The Amazing Mirror for the Game Boy Advance. Considering that the creator of Smash Bros., Masahiro Sakurai, also created Kirby at 19 years old, the bottomless pink blob is a shoo-in for a hypothetical Nintendo Cinematic Universe.


Ultimately, rounding out a cast of characters for a live-action Super Smash Bros. film could play out a number of ways. Many fans of the series will also point out that characters like Fox McCloud, Captain Falcon, Yoshi, and Ness are all sorely lacking from this lineup. But there are more difficult aspects of these series that make a crossover challenging for a Super Smash Bros. film, namely the team-focused layout of Star Fox and the complete lack of modern relevancy for Earthbound/Mother and F-Zero franchises.

That's not to say that Captain Falcon can't make his debut alongside Ness in a live-action Super Smash Bros. film, much like Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver did in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Then again, all of this is just speculation on something that may or may never happen. If and when it does, though, an on-screen Falcon Punch could be one of the most epic moments of the entire Nintendo Cinematic Universe. That is, after Pikachu, Mario, Link, Donkey Kong, Samus, and Kirby all unite to take on a greater evil in the first Super Smash Bros. movie.

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