Super Smash Bros. Adds Final Fantasy 7's Cloud to Its Roster

Cloud Strife Super Smash Bros

Super Smash Bros. allows players to play as a vast array of characters from video game history: Mario, Sonic, Pac-Man, and a bunch of other familiar faces from both Nintendo and non-Nintendo games. Now one of the most beloved characters ever is being added to the game's lineup: Final Fantasy 7's Cloud Strife.

Nintendo has long been open to using non-Nintendo characters in its Super Smash Bros. franchise, all in the name in creating one of the biggest rosters of any fighting game series and allowing players to answer long-disputed questions such as, "Who would win in a fight between Mega Man and Jigglypuff?" If they can make a few dollars off of it by adding the characters as paid DLC? Even better. Back in June they made Street Fighter's Ryu available as DLC for both systems, and soon players will be able to drop some extra coin to dragon punch their favorite spiky-haired RPG protagonist.

News of the addition came during today's Nintendo Direct presentation, and quickly made its way to Nintendo's official Smash Bros. website as well. In addition to Cloud himself, players who shell out money for the DLC will also get Midgar as a playable stage. While a price has yet to be announced, it's likely to be in line with the $5.99 cost of Ryu ($6.99 if it's bought for both the 3DS and WiiU).

Cloud Strife Final Fantasy 7

Despite the relative simplicity of its gameplay, Super Smash Bros. as a series has always had a particular appeal to video game diehards. From the insane amount of content to unlock to the often obscure characters available, it offers a whole lot of gaming nostalgia. There's no doubt that there's a lot of nostalgia for Final Fantasy 7 among gamers, too, so the addition of Cloud is a natural fit.

Likely to be missing from the equation will be the ability to level grind for hours on end until Cloud is so ridiculously overpowered that the game isn't even a challenge anymore. That's probably a good thing for the sake of gameplay balance, though. No date has yet been provided for when the DLC will be available, so Final Fantasy fans will have to pass the time by humming Sephiroth's theme to themselves for a little while longer.

Source: Nintendo

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