Super Size Me 2 Trailer & Poster Focus On World’s Most Consumed Animal

The Super Size Me 2 trailer and poster focus on the world’s most consumed animal. In 2004, filmmaker Morgan Spurlock set out to accomplish two things: make a feature documentary about fast food and eat nothing but fast food for 30 days straight. His efforts gained worldwide attention as well as an Oscar nomination.

What’s more, Spurlock was able to shine a light on the harmful ingredients used by a food industry that makes up a concerning percentage of American diets. To say that Spurlock’s body ultimately rejected the diet of burgers and fries that he subjected it to over the course of the 30 days is an understatement, and Super Size Me had a substantial effect on how many people view fast food. Perhaps as a direct result of this negative publicity, fast food restaurants seem to have made a concerted effort in the last decade to create food that is fast, but also provides a degree of nutrition to customers. Spurlock, however, wants to know just how much things have changed - if at all.

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Now thanks to Samuel Goldwyn Films, those who are interested in following Spurlock on another muckraking journey into the world of fast food can do so with Super Size Me 2: Holy Chicken. This time, the fast food veteran isn’t interested in eating burgers for a month straight - this time, Spurlock has decided to open his own fast food fried chicken restaurant, in order to see just how capable fast food restaurants are of making healthy, organic, nutritious food. You can check out the teaser trailer as well as the poster below.

Super Size Me 2 Poster

Judging by what’s on display in the trailer, Spurlock is definitely going to have his work cut out for him this time around. Whereas Super Size Me’s experiment was simply a matter of buying the product and consuming it, Super Size Me 2 forces Spurlock to delve deep into the world of cost effectiveness and the apparent legal requirements in place for meeting a healthy standard. Never one to remain content with corporate claims regarding their products, it’s likely that Super Size Me 2 will bring with it plenty of reason for Spurlock to conclude that healthy fast food is not, in fact, all that easy to produce and sell.

It will also be interesting to see how Spurlock’s past affects the release of the film. Back in 2017, the filmmaker revealed that he had previously been accused of rape and sexual harassment. Despite being the first to come forward with these accusations, Spurlock will likely be seen by many as having done nothing to make amends for them. Celebrities with a controversial revelation can have their careers or films affected in the aftermath. Whether or not Super Size Me 2: Holy Chicken will face this sort of backlash remains to be seen when it's released on Sept. 19.

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