'Super' Trailer Is 'Kick-Ass' Done Indie Style

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It's a good year for fans of stories about costumed heroes who risk life and limb in their battle for justice. Before Thor, Captain America, Green Lantern, or even the young X-Men hit the big screen this summer, there's another crime fighter due to hit theaters - on April Fool's Day, appropriately enough.

That masked vigilante is one Frank D'Arbo (Rainn Wilson), who assembles his own makeshift outfit and grabs a handy wrench as a tool to fight criminals of all creeds (thieves, hoodlums, would-be child molesters) in Slither filmmaker James Gunn's Super.

Super stars The Office's Wilson as a man whose wife (Liv Tyler) leaves him for Jacques, a smooth-talking, well-dressed drug dealer played by X-Men: First Class' baddie Kevin Bacon. Wilson as Frank is thereafter inspired to transform himself from average schmo into a superhero named The Crimson Bolt.

Joining Frank on his quest for "justice" is one Libby (Ellen Page), a comic book fanatic who assembles her own green-and-yellow duds - complete with a jail-baiting miniskirt - to become the sidekick, Boltie. As you can imagine, much in the way of outrageous antics ensue.

Gunn tweeted that the Super trailer doesn't even come close to showing how perverse the film really is, saying that "it's darker & deeper & more effed up than we can show in two minutes." Just in case you still don't believe it, the theatrical preview features comments from sites like Bloody Disgusting that only further emphasize that idea. Also - sorry Dr. Horrible fans, Nathan Fillion's a crime fighter in this movie too, but sadly not that of Captain Hammer.

Check out the trailer:

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Super arrives just under a year after Kick-Ass hit the big screen, and it also looks to deliver lots of darkly comical mayhem and shock-inducing violence galore. However, whereas Matthew Vaughn's comic book flick had a polished and professional look to everything from the cinematography to the do-it-yourself costumes worn by the likes of Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl, Super has much more of a low-budget (re: indie) bend overall.

Most of the gags in this trailer are entertaining enough, and Super promises to deliver much more in the way of outlandish humor that is only hinted at here. The quirkier comedy style might not be to everyone's taste, but there's definitely a crowd that wants to see this - if only the folk who turned out for Defendor last year. Plus it could be fun to watch Page take on a more twisted version of her Juno persona.

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Super arrives in theaters next month on April 1st. Will you be checking it out?

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