Super Mario Run: How to Unlock All Characters

Already addicted to Super Mario Run? Here's our mini-guide on how to unlock all six playable characters in the new game.

Super Mario Run coming to iPad and iPhone

Nearly as long as there have been home video games, there has been Mario. Nintendo's franchise character, Mario has starred in about every possible type of game at this point, but the mustachioed plumber is still finding new worlds to conquer. Thus, Mario - along with his brother Luigi and friends - have now made their entrance into the mobile gaming arena with Super Mario Run. The side-scrolling platformer just released for iOS, and will arrive for Android in 2017.

For those interested, here's a quick mini-guide on how to unlock all six playable characters in Super Mario Run. Mario is of course the default character and is available from the start. Toad can be unlocked rather easily as well, and doesn't even require gameplay. All players need to do is link Super Mario Run to their My Nintendo Account, and they can then redeem Toad from My Nintendo Rewards. Toad can be redeemed both from within the app and from the My Nintendo Rewards website.

The next two playable characters require success in the Toad Rally Mode. Winning Toad Rally awards the player with different colored Toads, which can be used in the Farmville-esque Mushroom Kingdom mode to build things. For example, Luigi is unlocked once his house has been built in the virtual Mushroom Kingdom, a task which requires the player to have earned 150 green Toads and 150 purple Toads from Toad Rally. Be warned, losing Toad Rally Mode does cause a few of one's accumulated Toads to be lost. Yoshi is unlocked in a similar fashion, although building his house requires 30 red Toads and 30 yellow Toads.

Nintendo Mario

To play as Mario's eternal love interest Princess Peach, one must simply beat all 24 levels in the main game mode. Worth mentioning though is that accomplishing this task requires players to shell out $10 to unlock the full Super Mario Run experience, as only the first few levels are available for free.

Finally, the last playable character is Toadette, who requires a ton of Toads, and will probably be the last to unlock for most. To build Toadette's house in the Mushroom Kingdom - and therefore unlock her as a playable character - the player needs to earn 200 of all five types of Toads, those being red, blue, green, yellow, and purple. Peach must also have already been unlocked previously as well.

While no particular character is required to beat any of the main Super Mario Run game mode's levels, each character boasts a special type of jump that can allow players to get more creative with how they conquer each level. Some of these abilities go all the way back to Super Mario Bros. 2, such as Peach's "floaty jump." Will Super Mario Run end up being the new Pokemon Go? It's too soon to tell, but Nintendo likely hopes so.

Super Mario Run is now available for iOS, and will arrive on Android in 2017.

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