Super Mario Odyssey Trailer Reveals More Gameplay Details


In just a few weeks, the Nintendo Switch will be receiving its second blockbuster game of the year with Super Mario Odyssey. Nintendo has just released a trailer going over important details about Mario's next adventure, from the story to new game mechanics.

While new mechanics like Capture have already been announced, Nintendo has revealed that there will be two alternative game modes. The first is Assist Mode, which points players who want an easier time in the direction of where they need to go. Also, respawning from falling in the wrong spot is much more generous than the standard mode in terms of loading time and where Mario spawns. The second mode is Co-op, where one player controls Mario while the other control's Cappy, Mario's sentient hat.

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Like most first-party Nintendo games, Super Mario Odyssey will also feature Amiibo support. There are three wedding-themed Amiibos, one each for Mario, Peach, and Bowser to tie into the story of Bowser attempting to forcefully marry Peach instead of just kidnapping her. Each Amiibo, including those released prior to Odyssey, will grant Mario outfits and temporary powers. This trailer has also confirmed that all of these unlockables will be available by progressing through the game as well.

Mario and a Fork in Super Mario Odyssey

For fans who have not been following Super Mario Odyssey for the past several months, this new trailer details everything you need to know before playing. Mario travels through several open worlds to try and stop Bowser, as always, but he is joined by Cappy. Cappy has powers that give Mario more ways to interact with the world like the Capture ability, which allows Mario to possess enemies or interactive items to help him find all of the Power Moons (these replace the iconic gold stars).

The trailer also focuses on the snapshot mechanic and some of the mini-games. The snapshot mode will allow time to freeze, giving the player the ability to freely move the camera and take pictures with several different filters. There are some unannounced mini-games still to discover, but this new trailer shows off foot racing with Koopas, toy car racing, and jump roping.

With Super Mario Odyssey's release date rapidly approaching, the latest trailer is a great way to catch fans up to speed on what Nintendo is shaking up in Mario's new adventure. It answers pretty much every question that fans could have about an upcoming Mario title while showing off how much personality Nintendo has packed into the game.

Super Mario Odyssey releases for Nintendo Switch on October 27.

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