Super Mario Odyssey's Sand Kingdom Joins Super Mario 64 (Thanks to Mod)

Super Mario Odyssey Super Mario 64

The Sand Kingdom from Super Mario Odyssey has been intergrated into the all-time N64 classic Super Mario 64 thanks to an enterprising modder with a talent for level design. Super Mario 64 isn't necessarily the host of a thriving mod community, but at least one talented designer has lent their talents to the long-time franchise favorite to introduce what many believe to be the best kingdom from the most recent Super Mario title.

Usually, the newer game tends to get the mod that brings an older favorite into its world with a shiny coat of paint for its efforts. We've seen many different Unreal Engine mods that revitalize classics of the past, including The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario 64 being rendered in beautiful 3D graphics. More recently, there has been an influx of efforts on Sony's PlayStation 4 exclusive Dreams, a game that allows its players to design levels and environments of their own choosing. That platform has launched Space Wars, a take on Star Wars X-Fighter combat, and a Metal Gear Solid remake in just its early access period. Clearly, modding and level design have become more prominent in the game community, rather than less so.

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A modder named Kaze Emanuar has added the Sand Kingdom from Super Mario Odyssey to Super Mario 64, releasing a video over the weekend that showcased his recreated level. His latest modding project is to port the entirety of Super Mario Odyssey into Super Mario 64, an ambitious project that sounds impossible—until viewing Emanuar's existing work, which is so detailed and executed so well that the endeavor seems much more feasible. Here's a look at the video Emanuar released to showcase his work on the Sand Kingdom:

The level doesn't just cop the appearance of the Sand Kingdom, though. It also includes many functional features that existed in the original, including the ability to use Cappy as a game mechanic, the feature that allows players to zip around electrical wires as Mario, and the addition of the talking Sphinx that asks Mario different riddles during his stay in the Sand Kingdom. It's an exhaustive recreation of a nuanced level, and it showcases just how detailed the work of Emanuar really is.

As is usually the case with mods we choose to showcase on Screen Rant, Emanuar's work isn't officially linked to Nintendo. If fans are impressed with what he's been able to do with Super Mario 64 thus far—and the eventual plan is a 240-300 star recreation of Super Mario Odyssey—they should check out his YouTube page and show him support as he continues to demonstrate what passionate followers of a franchise are capable of with ingenuity and a place to showcase their skill.

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Source: Kaze Emanuar/YouTube

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