Someone Made A Super Mario Odyssey Mod For Mario 64

One particular fan has made a Super Mario Odyssey mod for the now-classic Nintendo game, Super Mario 64. The Super Mario Odyssey E3 trailer itself was one of the biggest trailers to be unveiled during the gaming event, as part of Nintendo's larger presentation for the Nintendo Switch. Besides the game's wild new levels, including one based on New York City, the trailer also teased Mario's incredible new hat-based power. In Odyssey, Mario will be able to remove his hat and throw it, using the floating hat as a platform for jumping. But more than that, Mario can also fling his hat at certain enemies and take control of their bodies.

Watching the Odyssey trailer, one couldn't help wondering what it would be like to go back and play the classic Super Mario 64 with the new hat powers (Mario 64 did give you hats that let you fly, walk underwater and pass through some walls, but nothing as great as taking over enemies). Now thanks to a man with mad coding skills, we can actually witness this fantasy for ourselves.

Gamer and code-master Kaze Emanuar can't get his hands on a Switch in order to play Super Mario Odyssey so he did the next best thing: used his coding skills to modify Super Mario 64 and allow Mario to use his hat like in Super Mario Odyssey. The results were posted to YouTube and as you can see, with the hat mod, Super Mario 64 becomes a completely different and arguably more awesome game.

Immediately you can see the advantage the hat-platform power gives the player when it comes to passing through difficult areas with lots of jumps. But more than just adding a wrinkle to the platforming element of the game, the hat actually helps exploration. In one bit from the video, we see Mario whip his hat at some birds fluttering around outside the castle, which causes him to merge with the birds and be flown up onto the castle's roof. No more wasting hours and hours trying to wall-jump all the way up to the top of the castle.

Mario Peace Sign In Super Mario 64

Maybe the most fun-looking part of the video is when Mario throws his hat at bosses and takes over their bodies. In the lava level for instance, Mario makes quick work of the Big Bully by taking over his body and making him walk helplessly into the molten death. This also results in Mario taking some damage from the lava, but it's a small price to pay for being able to dispatch that character without having to kick him off the platform.

The modded version of Super Mario 64 looks like so much fun, you almost wish you could get your hands on it for the Switch. Unfortunately it seems unlikely that Super Mario 64 with hat-power boost will ever be officially available, so gamers will have to content themselves with Super Mario Odyssey as it is.

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Super Mario Odyssey arrives on the Nintendo Switch on October 27th, 2017.

Source: Kaze Emanuar

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