Modder Adds Bowsette to New Super Mario Bros. Wii Boss Battle

A modder adds the internet combination of Bowser and Peach, Bowsette, to New Super Mario Bros Wii and the results are disturbing and impressive.

The internet’s love of their fan-made Super Mario character Bowsette continues to grow as someone has modded them into New Super Mario Bros. Wii. The saga of Bowsette is as complicated as it is disturbing. During the reveal for New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe for Nintendo Switch it was unveiled that new playable character Toadatte could transform into Peachette using the crown power-up. Toadette looks nearly identical to Peach except she’s still technically Toadette.

The internet took this new wrinkle of Mario lore to its next “logical” step and decided to figure out what other characters would look like as Peach. Thus Bowsette was born. The combination of Bowser and Peach (that’s also weirdly sexualized) has taken the Mario fandom by storm. Bowsette has finally made their first game appearance now, even if it’s very unofficial.

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Bowsette's gaming debut comes courtesy of YouTube channel ProsafiaGaming. The channel didn't mod the entirety of New Super Mario. Bros Wii. They just picked the final battle but it's definitely a sight to behold. It helps that Prosafia used an older and less high-res model of Super Mario Bros. for their Bowsette but the results are still impressive. Bowsette looks oddly at home in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Well, everything but Bowsette's large breast size and their accompanying jiggle physics fits the world of Super Mario.

Bowsette in New Super Mario Bros. Wii is a modding achievement. Any gamer can create a mod with enough time. It takes a certain level of skill to create a mod that will appear even slightly realistic and line up with the aesthetics of the original game. The more intriguing element of the mod, though, might be in what it implies about the Mario fandom. Putting Bowsette in New Super Mario Bros. Wii is a level of commitment to the character that goes beyond a simple internet joke, especially since the mod is so well done. Bowsette is a fad that just won't die - much like Bowser himself.

So far Nintendo has (perhaps wisely) ignored Bowsette. Yet the longer the fascination lasts, the more likely that Nintendo is going to have to respond to Bowsette in some manner. Even if it's just due to a war of attrition by Bowsette's fans,  Nintendo should acknowledge the nightmarish creation that is "sexy" female Bowser.

Bowsette will likely never make an official appearance in any Mario game whether it's the New Super Mario Bros. franchise or even another spinoff. Though Bowsette has gone viral it started with the creation of one cartoonist on Twitter @aykk92. The legal wrangling that would be involved for Bowsette to become a character in any game is too much of a headache for Nintendo or anyone to handle. Nintendo referencing or making a joke about Bowsette through one of their various social media platforms, though is a definite possibility. No matter what happens the internet has created a monster and the ball is in Nintendo's court to deal with it.

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Source: ProsafiaGaming

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