17Bob Hoskins suffered multiple injuries during filming

Bob Hoskins as Mario in Super Mario Bros The Movie

It's pretty obvious that any semblance of quality control waved bye-bye to the production of Super Mario Bros. fairly early into its development. As it tends to go with chaotic shoots that are fraught with problems, all kinds of safety issues arose during SMB's tumultuous production.

Bob Hoskins, who starred in the movie as

the iconic plumber, would later confirm that he was the victim of several serious injuries. Beyond just the damage that the movie did to his reputation, Hoskins also had to endure being stabbed multiple times, having his finger broken, being electrocuted, and nearly drowning.

It's bad enough when an actor has to endure bumps, bruises, and broken bones during the making of a good movie, but knowing that he was going through all that hardship for a film that was already very obviously going to be a complete failure is something that an accomplished thespian like Hoskins should've never had to deal with.

It would be enough to drive a guy to drink...

Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo in Super Mario Bros. movie
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