Super Mario 64 Is Better With 24-Player Multiplayer

Fans of retro nostalgia and the Nintendo 64 can rejoice with a whole new twist on possibly the best Mario game ever. There is now an option to relive the magic of Super Mario 64 in all its glory, but this time, players can team up with up to 23 more for a co-op game that will make you question why no one thought of this earlier.

Super Mario 64 is fondly remembered as one of the greatest cartridges to grace the N64 and still stands as one of the best Mario games to this day. Since Mario 64, the rest of the intrepid plumber's games have often paled in comparison, but there are hopes that the upcoming Mario Odyssey can live up to its predecessors. Although 64 turned 21 years old in June, that hasn't stopped the game still holding a special place in everyone's hearts.

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Three friends named Kaze Emanuar, Melonspeedruns, and Marshivolt have created an online ROM that has turned the pixels from 1996's game into a multiplayer game that is simply called Super Mario 64 Online. Emanuar is already known for several successful Mario mods like Super Mario 64 Maker and Super Mario 64: Last Impact, but the worry is that Online will go the same way as Last Impact and soon be removed by Nintendo copyright activists. If you do want to play Online, it will require a standard PC emulator, and the creators suggest that you watch the tutorial in advance.

If having one player in a little red hat wasn't already challenging enough, you can now add the likes of Yoshi, Wario, and Luigi to the mix. Once gamers have picked their favorite character, they will quickly learn that each has their own unique moveset - Princess Peach can hover for longer, Waluigi can reach those high up items, and even a relative newcomer like Princess Rosalina makes a faithful transition into the 64-era of graphics. Having so many players crammed onto one screen certainly makes for a wild sandbox, but it is well worth the effort.

The best part of it all, the multiplayer version reminds games just how well the original has stood the test of time. From racing penguins on "Cool, Cool Mountain" to taking on the Chain Chomp on "Bob-omb Battlefield", everything is back with its crisp '90s color palette. Super Mario 64 was never designed to be played with multiple partners - that was saved for Mario Party - but it also wasn't designed to have been emulated on a PC either.  There may have been attempts at Super Mario 64 multiplayer mods before, however, they aren't a patch on the latest endeavor.

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