Super Fly Remake in the Works From Watchmen Writer

The 1972 blaxploitation classic Super Fly is set to get a remake at Sony Pictures, with Watchmen writer Alex Tse penning the script. While not quite as well-known or regarded as films like Shaft or Foxy Brown, Super Fly is still definitely a notable entry in the 70s blaxploitation film canon. Oddly enough though, perhaps even better known than the film is Super Fly's soundtrack, written and produced by by music legend Curtis Mayfield. In fact, the soundtrack album actually ended up outgrossing the film it backed.

Super Fly starred Ron O'Neal as antihero protagonist Youngblood Priest, a cocaine dealer who desires nothing more than to get the hell out of the drug business. To do that though, Priest makes a plan to make one last big sale, and score enough profits to sustain his lifestyle until he can find a legitimate career path. Unfortunately, betrayals from friends and hassling by corrupt cops stand in Priest's way of attaining his goals.

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According to Variety, Sony recently closed a deal for the rights to Super Fly, which was originally distributed by Warner Bros. It remains to be seen just how much of the original film's plot will be retained, but Watchmen co-writer Alex Tse is attached to pen the script for the remake. Tse hasn't done much else in Hollywood since Watchmen, but he did end up writing one of the many scripts that Relativity Media went though during the lengthy development of upcoming reboot The Crow Reborn.

It isn't yet known who will assume the Youngblood Priest role this time out - or indeed if the lead character will still be called that - but Sony is said to be making a list of actors to meet with about the part. This is actually the second bit of news to break today concerning a resurrection of a blaxploitation classic, as Warner Bros. just set its reboot of Shaft for a summer 2019 release date.

Sony reportedly hopes that Super Fly will be successful enough to become a franchise, and in that respect it would be following in the footsteps of its progenitor, albeit likely on a much larger scale. 1973 saw O'Neal himself direct - and return to star in - sequel Super Fly T.N.T. Another belated sequel - The Return of Superfly - arrived in 1990, written and directed by Sig Shore, producer of the first two films. Longtime soap opera actor Nathan Purdee took over the lead role, and future Shaft remake star Samuel L. Jackson also popped up in an early part.

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Source: Variety

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