Super Dave Osborne Returns To Spike TV

Gas up your motorcycle, strap on your helmet and ready the ambulance because the infamous Super Dave Osborne will be returning to television in a big way with four half-hour specials titled Super Dave's Spike-Tacular to air on Spike TV starting in November.

Super Dave Osborne, known as the world's klutziest daredevil with each of his death defying stunts consistently going wrong - causing Super Dave to sustain horrific injuries, is a character created and played by the Emmy award winning Smothers Brothers writer (and brother of Albert Brooks), Bob Einstein.

"I was a little hesitant about coming back and risking my life each week, but the only other offer I had was 'Super & Kate Plus 8."

Some of the stunts we'll see Super Dave tackle in this series include.

  • Attempting to break the NASCAR speed record on a track loaded with explosives.
  • Breaking the Guinness Book of World Records speed record for a hybrid vehicle.
  • Challenging the world's six greatest paintball players.
  • Stepping into the Octagon with former UFC light heavyweight champion (and current A-Team member), Quinton "Rampage" Jackson.

Not only that, but we'll also be greeted by several guest stars such as Sugar Ray Leonard, Jose Canseco and Einstein's Curb Your Enthusiasm co-star and long time friend, Larry David.

With appearances in over 11 different television series (which, I believe, beats out Richard Belzer touting 10 different series appearances as his Law & Order character, Detective Munch) this would mark the fifth television series centered on Super Dave since Einstein created the character in 1972.

While most people will remember Super Dave from his self-titled Showtime series that ran from 1987-1991, my first experience with the genius that is Bob Einstein came from the 1992 animated series, Super Dave: Daredevil for Hire, that aired Saturday mornings on FOX. (You know, when Saturday mornings were great)

I don't know about you, but I consider Bob Einstein one of the top comedy writers and character actors around and while I may be a little past my Super Dave period, on principle alone of I have to check out this series.

No word yet on whether comedian Art Irizawa will be returning as Super Dave's stunt coordinator, Fuji Hakayito.

Super Dave's Spike-Tacular will run for four weeks starting November 17 on Spike TV.

Source: Spike TV [via: Coming Soon]

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