The Dude Meets Carrie Bradshaw In New Super Bowl Ad

Jeff Bridges' The Dude is back for a Stella Artois Super Bowl ad also starring Sarah Jessica Parker as Sex and the City's Carrie Bradshaw.

Jeff Bridges Stella Artois Super Bowl Ad The Dude

Jeff Bridges' The Dude is back, for a Stella Artois Super Bowl ad also starring Sarah Jessica Parker as Sex and the City's Carrie Bradshaw. Bridges teased the return of The Dude in a tweet last week, sparking speculation that a Big Lebowski sequel might be in the works. But most assumed Bridges was really teasing an appearance in a Super Bowl ad, and indeed that assumption has been borne out.

Expensive, super-gimmicky commercials of course have become a big part of the annual Super Bowl festivities, with companies paying top dollar to run their ads during the game. In recent years, it's also become a tradition for these ads to appear on the internet days and even weeks before the game. Already this year, Sarah Michelle Gellar has starred in one of these buzzy ads, riffing on her roles in classic horror movies like Scream 2.

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Now, Bridges has gotten in on the Super Bowl commercial act, reprising his famous character The Dude for an ad selling Stella Artois beer, and also promoting the brand's #PouritForward charitable campaign, which involves helping people gain access to clean water. Parker is also along for the ride, bringing back her Sex and the City character Carrie Bradshaw for an unlikely Coen Brothers Universe/SATC crossover event. It's hard to imagine a more incongruous duo than the super-chill Dude and the super-glam Bradshaw, but the commercial shows they have at least one thing in common: their taste in beer. See the clip below:

The clip begins as Bradshaw, decked out in rather outrageous high-fashion style, enters a posh eatery. Of course, the wait staff assume she's going to order a Cosmopolitan, her favorite cocktail. But Bradshaw throws them a curve by instead ordering Stella Artois. The waiters are so flustered by this drink order they start dropping plates all over the place. That's when The Dude himself saunters into the establishment, looking completely out-of-place in a restaurant not attached to a bowling alley. But apparently the bartender knows him because he asks if he wants a White Russian. Of course, The Dude orders a Stella Artois instead. The clip ends with The Dude and Carrie Bradshaw sharing a moment as The Dude drops his catchphrase, "The Dude abides."

This may not be exactly what fans of The Big Lebowski had in mind when Bridges teased The Dude's imminent return, but even so, it's nice to see the character back on the screen even if it is for a fairly silly Super Bowl ad. Sex and the City fans no doubt will also be glad to see Carrie Bradshaw back one more time, especially after plans for Sex and the City 3 were canceled. Additionally, the ad asks viewers to help Stella Artois with their #PouritForward campaign, so the whole thing is for a good cause. It will be interesting to see what other big stars make appearances in Super Bowl ads this year, and what big movie trailers will drop during the game as well.

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Source: Stella Artois

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