Who's Performing in the Super Bowl 2019 Halftime Show?

Maroon 5 Super Bowl 2019 Halftime Show

Maroon 5 Super Bowl 2019 Halftime Show

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Who's playing at the Super Bowl 2019 halftime show? On Sunday, February 3, the New England Patriots will battle the Los Angeles Rams at Super Bowl 53 in Atlanta, Georgia. While die-hard football fans will be tuning in for the gridiron action, many others are anticipating the halftime show.

The Super Bowl halftime show is a spotlight for musical icons, along with a breaking ground for emerging artists or those looking to reignite their careers. With that said, the upcoming 2019 show is especially unique given the controversy surrounding it, of which stems from Colin Kaepernick’s national anthem protests and his alleged blacklisting from the NFL. Many iconic names in modern music have already turned down offers to perform at Super Bowl 53, including Jay-Z, Rihanna, and Cardi B. Incidentally, those who accepted the NFL’s offers have been criticized for their decision to perform.

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Who has answered NFL's call? Here are the scheduled musical acts for the 2019 Super Bowl Halftime show.

Maroon 5 Are Headlining The Super Bowl Halftime Show

Maroon 5

Fronted by Los Angeles native and long-time judge on NBC's The Voice Adam Levine, Maroon 5 emerged in 2002 with their debut album Songs About Jane. Singles like “Harder to Breathe,” “This Love,” and “She Will Be Loved” became pop culture anthems, and helped the band sell 10 million copies worldwide while earning a Grammy Award for Best New Artist.

Since then, Maroon 5 has released five more albums, two of which reached #1 on the Billboard charts: It Won’t Be Long Before Soon (2007) and V (2014). With edgy yet romantic lyrics and Levine’s soulful, high-pitch vocals, Maroon 5 has international appeal across various demographics as one of the best-selling bands of their generation.

Travis Scott Will Also Play The Super Bowl Halftime Show

Travis Scott

In recent years, Travis Scott has been a staple of the Atlanta music scene. His 2015 debut album Rodeo includes the singles “3500” and “Antitode,” along with featured guest performances from Kanye West, Justin Bieber, and Future, to name a new of the top names. Scott further established himself with the 2016 album Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight, as the song “Goosebumps” featuring Kendrick Lamar reached #32 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart. 

In 2018, Scott became somewhat of household name for his eclectic third album Astroworld. Released last August, it features the popular single “Butterfly Effect,” along with “Sicko Mode” featuring hip-hop superstar Drake. Astroworld has been nominated for Best Rap Album at this year’s Grammy Awards, and “Sicko World” has received dual nominations for Best Rap Performance and Best Rap Song. 

Big Boi Is Also In The Super Bowl 2019 Halftime Show

Big Boi

As one half of the seminal Atlanta group Outkast, Antwan André Patton aka Big Boi is widely regarded as one the most influential and innovative hip-hop artists of his era, largly in part because of his musical collaboration with André Benjamin aka Andre 3000. During the ‘90s, Outkast’s first three albums introduced a new sound in mainstream hip-hop music, one that’s rooted in Atlanta culture. After releasing Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik (1994), ATLiens (1996), and Aquemini (1998), Outkast became renowned for their lyrical cadence, mashup of genre influences, and purely original music videos. In particular, Big Boi established himself as a genre outlier via his creative approach to music.

With the release of Stanonia (2000), Outkast infused their Atlanta sound with a touch of techno and psychedelic funk. As a result, they set the tone for new 21st century trends in music, as it became difficult for anyone to merely associate their sound with just the hip-hop genre. As a solo artist, Big Boi has released three albums, with his latest, Boomiverse (2017), reaching #28 on the U.S. charts. As a member of Outkast, Big Boi has won six Grammy Awards.

On Super Bowl Sunday, the football action will provide plenty of entertainment. But the party won’t officially start until the Super Bowl Halftime show featuring Maroon 5, Travis Scott, and Big Boi.

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