Super Bowl 2018: Which Movie Trailers to Expect [UPDATED]

What Trailers Will Netflix Show?

At last year's Super Bowl LI, Netflix unveiled a trailer for Stranger Things season 2 - while Hulu additionally promoted their then-upcoming series The Handmaid's Tale. As a result, it wouldn't be surprising if the streamer had a presence at this year's Super Bowl LII. In fact, according to rumors, Netflix will premiere the first trailer for Cloverfield 3 during the Super Bowl. This rumor arrives on top of reports that Netflix is in talks to acquire the sequel from Paramount, a deal that's expected to be confirmed with this first look.

Of course, the marketing for previous movies in this sci-fi franchise - Cloverfield and 10 Cloverfield Lane - has been notoriously secretive. In fact, Cloverfield 3 went through the development and production process under the title God Particle in order to keep casual movie fans from learning its connection to the franchise that kicked off with J.J. Abrams' 2008 sci-fi thriller.

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Another movie Netflix may promote at Super Bowl LII is the upcoming Duncan Jones-directed film Mute. The movie's first trailer will arrive before Super Bowl Sunday, so Netflix may simply air a TV spot to raise awareness of the trailer that will already be online. UPDATE: The first trailer for Mute is now online. Considering Netflix's massive marketing push behind Bright, and their return on investment arriving in it being one of the most-viewed Netflix Originals, it wouldn't be surprising for the streamer to heavily promote Mute.

What Trailers Will Warner Bros., Sony & 20th Century Fox Show?

According to Deadline, Warner Bros., Sony Pictures, and 20th Century Fox will sit out Super Bowl LII in terms of movie trailers. Warners recently unveiled new TV spots for some of its biggest 2018 releases - Tomb Raider, Ready Player One, and Rampage - and had a big presence during the NFL's conference championship games two weeks prior to the Super Bowl. Meanwhile, Sony's big superhero release of 2018, Venom, doesn't debut until October so it's too early to begin marketing at the Super Bowl. The studio's other big 2018 releases include Peter Rabbit, Sicario 2: Soldado, The Equalizer 2, and Slender Man.

As for Fox, it's curious the studio is sitting out this year's game. Last year, the studio purchased ad time to promote A Cure for Wellness and their only 2017 X-Men film, Logan. Two years ago, Fox debuted a Super Bowl spot for Deadpool, which then went on to become a massive success at the box office. Considering Deadpool 2 opens this May, the Super Bowl would have seemed an obvious chance to promote the film. Instead, a new Deadpool 2 trailer is expected to arrive later in February with Black Panther. UPDATE: Fox has confirmed their upcoming non-superhero release Red Sparrow will get a Super Bowl TV spot with new footage.


Still, while Warner Bros., Sony, and Fox may be sitting out, there will be plenty of movie trailers and teasers for fans to expect from the big game. Disney, Universal, and Paramount - as well as, potentially, Netflix - will delight movie fans will plenty of new trailers during Super Bowl LII this year. Stay tuned for more coverage.

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Super Bowl LII kickoff is set for Sunday February 4 at 6:30pm ET on NBC.

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