Monster Revealed In New 'Super 8' Trailer

[UPDATE: Just so you know - this was an April Fools Day joke.]

In typical fashion, director J.J. Abrams has not yet revealed the details of the mysterious monster in his upcoming film, Super 8. But with just over two months remaining before its June 10th release, a new trailer finally unveils Abrams' latest creation - and it's not exactly what we expected.

Those who expected the monster to resemble that of Cloverfield's wild beast will be sorely disappointed. But the new Super 8 trailer showcases plenty of mayhem and destruction associated with the creature. We saw explosions and terror in the previous trailers and TV spots, but the new footage is outstanding and truly brings Abrams' newest creation to life.

Still, it is surprising to see this revelation so early. For a director who prides himself on secrecy and mystery, it is strange that Abrams would give away his biggest selling point for Super 8 with over two months remaining before release. Having said that, this new trailer should pump the anticipation through the roof - if it wasn't already there.

Watch the stunning Super 8 new trailer and the latest monster to grace the big screen.

Obviously this monster packs a punch much larger than its size, but it should make for one heck of a movie. Considering its ability to dominate both above and underground, there is plenty to fear. The group of youngsters that capture footage of the monster have plenty in store for them in this new J.J. Abrams film.

What do you think of the monster? Is it all you hoped it would be?

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