More Mysterious 'Super 8' Clips; 'Hangover 2' Clips Full of Trouble

Super 8 and The Hangover 2 movie clips

J.J. Abrams' latest directorial effort, Super 8, remains shrouded in mystery, even though multiple trailers, TV spots, and edited clips from the film have been released. In comparison, we've all had a pretty good idea about what will go down in The Hangover: Part II since the title was announced.

Two more clips from Abrams' intriguing sci-fi adventure have been released, further teasing the strange "monster" at the heart of the film. In addition, a pair of scenes unveiled from the Hangover sequel offer a peek at the Wolfpack's latest bit of  booze-fueled debauchery.

The first two Super 8 clips released focused primarily on the incident which sets the film's plot in motion: a terrible accident (or was it?) that causes a massive freight train to derail, nearly killing a pack of local kids who were shooting a movie (via a super 8 camera - it's set in 1979) nearby. This event also unleashes a mysterious creature that was onboard the train, which proceeds to cause trouble in the nearby town (see the Super 8 TV spots for a taste of that).

An additional pair of edited clips released from Abrams' latest project continue that trend, providing some information about who was responsible for the "accidental" collision - and why exactly the adolescents who witnessed it aren't keen on telling everyone else what happened.

Check out those Super 8 clips (via AOL) below:


Paramount Pictures has continued to shy away from marketing Super 8 is an amalgamation of elements from several genres (sci-fi, coming-of-age drama, conspiracy thriller, supernatural horror), ever since it released  the official Super 8 trailer. Admittedly, selling Super 8 as a enigmatic adventure about a non-Earthly creature terrorizing a small town is a more attention-grabbing approach than packaging the film as a touching, old-fashioned story that just happens to revolve around a fantastical (probably alien) beast. That tactic definitely seems to be working.


The Hangover: Part II

Wolfpack members Phil (Bradley Cooper), Stu (Ed Helms) and Alan (Zach Galifianakis) are back and up to nothing but trouble in Part II of Todd Phillips "planned" Hangover trilogy, which features a change in setting from Las Vegas to Bangkok. Other than the change in locale, though (if the official Hangover 2 trailer is anything to go by), Part II is pretty much the same setup: the boys wake up after another night of heavy drinking (and partying) only to find that the craziness is far from over.

The question right now is whether or not Hangover: Part II will be so similar to the original that the raunchy jokes and outrageous stunts fail to pack the same hilarious punch. There's no real way to tell without seeing the actual movie - but the two clips Warner Bros. has released offer an early taste of what's on the menu this time around.

Check out those Hangover: Part II scenes below:



Neither one of these Hangover 2 clips really feature much in the way of laugh-out-loud hilarity, but that's to be expected. The sequel already has a guaranteed audience, so there's little need for Warner Bros. to pull out the big guns at this point. Besides, if pre-released clips were always something to go by, then apparently Transformers: Dark of the Moon is going to be an awkward drama about a college graduate adjusting to life in the real world (see this Transformers 3 clip for context).


The Hangover: Part II hits theaters on May 26th.

Super 8 arrives in theaters on June 10th.

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