J.J. Abrams' 'Super 8' Creature Revealed?

Official Super 8 Movie Trailer

Remember back in January 2008 when, after months of buildup, we finally got to see what horrifying monstrosity was responsible for decapitating the Statue of Liberty in Cloverfield? Well we may now have an idea of what to expect in J.J. Abrams' next monster-wreaking-havoc project, Super 8.

An image has made its way into our hands and it's allegedly a piece of conceptual art that reveals what may be the Area 51 creature that escaped from a derailed train in the Super 8 teaser trailer.

Raw footage from the Super 8 set seemed to confirm what little is known about the project, which Abrams is currently directing based off his original script. The film's setting will be that of the 1970s; its plot involves a pack of kids who accidentally capture footage of a (alien?) creature via 8 mm film; and the design of Super 8 will be in the vein of classic extraterrestrial flicks like Close Encounters of the Third Kind or even the original 1950s version of War of the Worlds.

Cloverfield monster designer Neville Page is also working on Super 8, which gives us an inkling as to what we can expect to see in Abrams' latest sci-fi pic. The design of the alien in this early image is similar enough to Page's previous creations that it could very well be legit.

Check it out for yourselves by clicking the link below - if you aren't afraid of the POSSIBLE SPOILER:


J.J. Abrams' Super 8 Creature?


Part of the logic behind the look of the Cloverfield monster was that its natural habitat was that of the lower depths of the ocean. The creature's enormous size and physical build (spidery legs, sickly pale skin tone, etc.) was envisioned as a physical adaptation due to its having evolved in a harsh, grueling environment bereft of sunlight and under immense atmospheric (water) pressure.

Cloverfield monster movie

If this new image does indeed reveal the Super 8 alien, what does that say about its planet of origin? And will that play any significant role in the film's events? The latter seems unlikely, since Super 8 looks to be foremost an action-packed, humans vs. aliens movie, but there's no harm in speculating.

All will be revealed when Super 8 hits theaters in the U.S. on June 10th, 2011.

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