Sundance 2007 Wrap-Up

It's officially over.

This was my first year attending the Sundance Film Festival, and it won't be my last. :-)

Sundance was a pretty cool experience... there's nothing quite like being a movie lover and spending time in a town full of other fans of film. One of the best things about attending screenings at the Festival is the fact that everyone who is in the audience is there to see the movie. Through eight different films I didn't hear a single cell phone ring, did not see a single child under the age of 10 watching a film with adult content and did not have to listen to anyone's conversation during a showing even ONCE.

Man, that was AWESOME. If I could get the same experience at my local multiplex theater I would go see at least 5X the number of movies at the theater than I do currently.

No, I didn't get to see any celebrities, but I didn't really spend much time looking for them beyond walking up and down Main Street a couple of times. And unfortunately due to my lack of planning there were a couple of movies that I planned on reviewing but missed, including Teeth and Finishing the Game. I was fortunate enough however, to see more movies I enjoyed than mediocre ones or stinkers. In particular Black Snake Moan, Fido, and The Signal were all great fun, while Enemies of Happiness and My Kid Could Paint That were excellent documentaries.

Park City is a gorgeous town and the weather was great. They've got a free shuttle system that works super-well for getting you from one part of town to the other (since the theaters are pretty spread out). Great food and art galleries where you can kill some time as well. I give props to all the Sundance volunteers who were both helpful and friendly. Good folks all around.

My hope is that next year I might be able to pop for the big uber-pass which would allow me to just show up at whatever showing I like without having to worry about scheduling conflicts, wait list lines, timing, and all that rot. Although I did get to meet some cool people while waiting for tickets...

I'm already looking forward to next year. :-)

I know that it consumed my blog for about a week, but now it'll be back to my regular coverage of TV, movies and all those little things that drive me nuts!

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