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There is plenty of eye candy for you today with new posters and magazine covers from some of the most anticipated movies of 2010. The star of Iron Man 2 makes the cover of Entertainment Weekly, The A-Team and The Expendables grace the front of Empire Magazine, Inception and Scream 4 present brand new posters and we get the first up-close glimpse of Freddy Krueger in A Nightmare on Elm Street.

No matter which film you are looking forward to most, all the images are worth a "Right Click > Save Image As." Interestingly, the A-Team and Expendables covers complement each other and fuel the now official competition for best team-oriented-action-movie-about-military-operatives-gone-rogue of the year, of which The Losers is also a part. While some of the images don't provide anything new, others present temporary solutions to the increasing curiosity amongst fans.

First up is the new Entertainment Weekly Iron Man 2 cover, with Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.) getting ready to blast readers with his repulsor ray. He sure looks upset, and based on our review of the film, it seems his attitude may get a little more serious in the sequel.

It's pretty amazing how just the main character alone on the cover is this cool. It just goes to show you how awesome the Iron Man suit looks (especially with RDJ filling it). The magazine hits shelves tomorrow, April 30th.

Iron Man 2 - EW Cover

Iron Man 2 Entertainment Weekly Cover

Next is the new poster for the upcoming Christopher Nolan film, Inception. The mysterious film has been near-flawlessly promoted, maintaining a level of excitement without giving away much of anything at all. The latest poster comes just a week before the third trailer releases in front of Iron Man 2. If you can't wait a week, this new poster should keep you occupied in the meantime.

The poster shows the main characters of the film in a descending order of star-power, with Leonardo DiCaprio front and center. Clearly missing from the poster is the beautiful Marion Cotillard, who has been so rarely shown in the promotional campaign many people likely don't even know she's in the film as DiCaprio's wife. The characters stand in front of what looks like a folding city, as seen in the trailers.

The good men of Nolan Fans extracted the poster from within the game found of Inception's viral site, Mind Crime.

Inception - Poster

Inception poster

In an effort to likely categorize the two team-oriented action films coming up this year, Empire has presented The A-Team and The Expendables on respective covers. The header for both covers actually presents the reader with the dilemma of picking their favorite crew.

It's too bad The Losers has already released in theaters, as they would have made a nice third team from which to pick. Check out our review of the film and decide if they belong in the running.

In front of the same explosion, both sets of rogue military operatives do their best to prove their worth with cigar-smoking leaders giving you the eye. If I'm making my decision now, it goes straight to Stallone and his squad. Frankly, he is scaring the hell out of me even with those shades. Just look at those bicep veins! Also, Stallone looks disappointed, while the entire A-Team just looks cocky.

The Expendables - Empire Cover

The Expendables Empire Cover

The A-Team - Empire Cover

The A-Team Empire Cover

Entertainment Weekly has presented with the brand new teaser poster for Scream 4 - and while simple, it sure looks cool. The tagline, "New Decade. New Rules." is just about as basic as the poster itself, but a year away from the expected April 15th, 2011 release date, there's plenty of time for it to evolve.

Interestingly, Scream 4 is going back to its roots in a number of ways. Even though Jamie Kennedy WON'T be returning (it was rumored he might), Wes Craven is looking to direct and Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox-Arquette and David Arquette will reprise their roles. It's a big heaping pile of nostalgia and the intention is to start a brand new trilogy. This teaser poster is a good start, banking on the most recognizable face of the franchise..

Scream 4 - Poster

Scream 4 Poster

Thanks to Empire, we've got an up close look at Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street. Jackie Earle Haley hopes to usher in a new feel for the established horror villain. The trailers for the film have been intense, to say the least. With the movie releasing tomorrow, we will know whether the man who brought Rorschach to life in Watchmen can create a scarier Freddy Krueger than ever before.

The makeup sure looks cool. It gives me the sensation I wanted to have when Two-Face appeared in The Dark Knight. While the visuals were cool and unique, they just didn't feel as believable as hoped. Here, we've got a mangled face with exposed tendons that somehow feels realistic in the decayed way it is intended.

A Nightmare on Elm Street - Freddy Krueger Close-Up

Nightmare on Elm Street is number one

That's it for today, but continue to check back for movie images and clips. The slate of summer movies is beginning now, and as the blockbusters continue to hit theaters the trailers and images will pile up.

A Nightmare on Elm Street invades theaters on April 30th, 2010.

Iron Man 2 soars into theaters on May 7th, 2010.

Inception weaves its way into theaters July 16th, 2010

The Expendables blasts into theaters August 13th, 2010.

The A-Team whistles its way into theaters June 11th, 2010.

Scream 4 is expected to slash into theaters April 15th, 2011

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