Screen Rant's Summer 2012 Movie Awards

Seth MacFarlane has established himself via his animated shows Family Guy, American Dad and (to lesser extent) The Cleveland Show - but it was far from a guarantee that his antics would translate to live-action filmmaking. $384 million in worldwide earnings later (on a $50 million budget), Ted proved that MacFarlane has a whole new avenue of revenue to tap.

The film - about a guy  who can't let go of his childhood - had plenty of funny moments, but funniest of all was watching John (Mark Wahlberg) get into a fight with his living Teddy Bear (as voiced by MacFarlane).

For those who are meta-minded, there was added joy in the realization that what we actually witnessed was Wahlberg alone onscreen, throwing himself around a hotel room. Such is the bizarre world of acting, boys and girls...

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