Screen Rant's Summer 2012 Movie Awards

Loki (Tom Hiddleston) had been wreaking havoc on Earth ever since Thor, and in The Avengers he certainly took things up a notch. While not the best fighter, per se, Loki's penchant for manipulation and deception was unmatched by anyone in the nine realms; too bad The Hulk is not so much a thinker, as a smasher.

In a moment that is pure Joss Whedon, Loki's tyrannical rant against the Hulk is cut short as the silver-tongued villain literally gets his body used like a fly swatter by the jade giant. Not only was Hulk's big smash moment awesomely hilarious, his subsequent one-liner - "Puny god" - may take the award for best summer catchphrase, as well.

Image Source: Zerboy

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