Screen Rant's Summer 2012 Movie Awards

We questioned early on whether Marvel Studio's shared movie universe would work; after the release of The Avengers we questioned again whether the experiment had been worth it.

Well, fans and  critics have (for the most part) agreed that it was a success - and the box office certainly agrees that it was. Bottom line: Marvel has changed the game and set a new precedent for how to launch a multimedia, multi-platform, franchise model.

If that wasn't enough: "Phase Two" of the Marvel movie universe has a lot in store, including new franchises (Ant-Man), an expanded scope that will venture headlong into sci-fi territory (Guardians of the Galaxy), and even a TV series tie-in through Joss Whedon's upcoming SHIELD TV series.

Hold tight, fanboys and girls; with Marvel Studios, the best maybe yet to come.

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