Ben Stiller. Vince Vaughn. Jonah Hill. Those three actors have (respectively) headlined some of the biggest comedy films of the last half-decade - so when they all appeared on the same posters and theater marquees for The Watch, big things were understandably expected. If you were a fan of the UK series The IT Crowd, you were also probably excited to see that show's star, Richard Ayoade, making his American debut in the company of comedic giants.

There's still no explanation for why, exactly, The Watch turned out so poorly. You can't blame it on real-world events (the Treyvon Martin shooting), and the premise (aliens invade a suburban neighborhood) was wild enough to be funny. Only it wasn't. The cast should've carried the film with a combination of improvised banter and raunchy humor. Only they didn't. They were just... there.

Truly a waste of talent - though Stiller/Vaughn/Hill haters would likely say it was just further evidence of why these guys suck. Hard to refute, in this case.

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