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The Amazing Spider-Man faced a lot of opposition right from the get go. Many fans were hoping to see director Sam Raimi and star Tobey Maguire back for Spider-Man 4, but when creative differences and ballooning budgets resulted in a chasm between the studio and creative team, the entire franchise was put to bed.

Soon after, Sony decided to go with a fresh approach via a rebooted universe, with taglines stating that Amazing Spider-Man would tell 'the untold story' of Peter Parker - namely by borrowing from the more modern Ultimate Spider-Man comic book continuity. Well, that untold story ended up being more of tweaked origin story told over again, but Amazing Spider-Man did manage to open up the Spider-Man mythos and universe in a way that Raimi's films never did - and managed to make $740 million, to boot.

Amazing Spider-Man 2 is already in the works, and there is rumor that Sony tried, and will try to synch their new Spider-Man universe with that of Marvel's Avengers Universe. Spidey is back in big way.

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