Screen Rant's Summer 2012 Movie Awards

Poor Taylor Kitsch. This guy just cannot catch a break!

After a calamitous wash-out in the spring with John Carter (which wasn't that bad, actually), Kitsch was poised for a summer 2012 comeback with the one-two punch of Peter Berg's blockbuster extravaganza, Battleship, and Oliver Stone's latest crime-thriller Savages. Unfortunately for Taylor, both films struggled.

Battleship managed to recover with international grosses, but in the U.S., the military flick only earned $65 million - a quarter of its $209 million price tag. Savages cost less to make ($45 million) but earned even less than Battleship ($47 million domestically). Add Kitsch's role as iconic X-Man Gambit in Wolverine (another underperforming film), and it begins to look like this guy is legitimately cursed.

Worst part: he's not a terrible actor. The long-struggling  Friday Night Lights TV series showcased what he can do, and he's arguably been a charismatic and likable presence in all his projects. Go figure...

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