Female Moviegoers Power Summer 2017 Box Office

It's no secret that cinemas just aren't what they used to be. With access to streaming services and films being available at home sooner than ever before after hitting theaters, cinemas are losing tons of business. In fact, this past summer was one of the worst summers for movie theaters. However, there is some hope for the success of cinemas still.

In fact, women moviegoers are the ones responsible for keeping movie theaters alive. According to an analytics firm called Movio, films that  did the best appealed to women who usually don't go to the movie theaters regularly. Movies that appealed to them included Wonder Woman and Girls Trip. This actually helped this past summer's cinema business greatly. Just as well, millennial men also went to the movies more than usual this past summer, going to see both Baby Driver and Spider-Man: Homecoming. Both of these groups of people also went to see Dunkirk.

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According to Variety, females and millennial men are major aspects as to why the theaters weren't completely empty this past summer. Specifically, females helped out a lot and were attracted to multiple genres. They were the reasons as to why movie theaters didn't absolutely just bomb. Sadly though, there was still almost a 15% difference in domestic gross for movie theaters compared to the summer of 2016.

Matthew Liebmann, Movio's president, called women "the unsung heroes of the box office, at least for the successful films this year." It's not as if certain films are only meant for men or are only meant for women. It's just that certain films can appeal to different genders. When the information was all gathered up, it showed that women, specifically those who actually didn't usually visit the movie theater that often, were responsible for this past summer not being a complete disaster.

Movie theaters are going to have to figure out a way to attract more audiences. They now have to worry about powerhouses such as Netflix and Amazon. It feels as though cinemas think that they can still bring in the audiences without having to worry about streaming services, but that obviously is just not the case. It's only thanks to certain moviegoers, especially women moviegoers who infrequently go to the movie theater, that this past summer worked out at all. Movie theaters might not be as lucky next summer.

All that being said, good films are still hitting movie theaters in the summertime. Specifically, Christopher Nolan's out-of-place film, Dunkirk, brought in all types of people this past summer. Therefore, audiences might be seeing different types of movies premiering in the summertime in order to bring in more audiences in the future.

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Source: Variety

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