Summer 2009: The Season Of Bad Movies [Updated]

I am ashamed to admit I missed J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek (you can count on me to see the re-release in IMAX), which many feel is the best Trek in years, movie or TV.  But consider this:  J.J. was frustrated because he couldn’t make any changes to the script leading up to and during a good part of the production, because of the WGA Strike. Could Star Trek have been even better than it was?  We may know when the sequel hits.

Marvel took a hit with its one-time plans to have at least Thor out this summer, thanks to the WGA Strike (and a projected $300 million budget for the film), which forced it into re-writes and delayed it until 2011.

The good news?  There were a few diamonds in the rough this year, including:

There are other highlights, of course, many of which were independent films made outside the Hollywood system - there is hope!  And let's not forget: many of those indie directors who did well this summer might just end up handling big-budget movies down the line (See: Jon Favreau and Christopher Nolan). Could we see District 9 director Neil Blomkamp finally get handed the keys to the Halo franchise? Stay tuned to find out.

So, looking ahead, what can we expect for the summer of 2010?  It’s safe to assume that things will be a lot better, quality-wise.  We have Iron Man 2, Toy Story 3, Inception, and many promising prospects - plus, now that the studios have ample time for scripting and on-set re-writes, it looks like the bar for summer movie scripts might get raised back to average... We hope.  Summer 2009 has proven that blockbuster movies need to have at least  a little bit of mind to go along with their "mindless entertainment."

Here's a perfect little clip that sums up the Summer of '09, courtesy of Quentin Tarantino and Rachel Nichols (G.I. Joe) on Jimmy Kimmel Live:

Did you think that Summer '09 at the movies was as disappointing as we did? Sound off in the comments.

Source: /Film

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