Suits Creator Not Sure About a Potential Pearson Crossover

Suits season 10 Pearson

Franchise creator Aaron Korsh is uncertain about the possibility of a Suits and Pearson crossover. As Suits enter its ninth and final season, a spin-off based on Gina Torres' beloved Jessica Pearson begins next month. Considering the link between the shows, fans are hoping that they see the two worlds collide before the pioneering series goes off the air. Sadly, it doesn't seem like it's in the cards, at least according to Korsh.

One of the original cast members of Suits, Torres exited the series in the middle of season 7 for personal reasons. She maintained a great relationship with her former co-workers, however, even popping in a couple of times now just to check Harvey (Gabriel Macht) and the team over at New York. Since her name was taken down from the wall, there's very little that's been revealed about what she's been up to in Chicago - only that the complications of hiring Mike (Patrick J. Adams) continue to haunt her in the Windy City and force her to join the mayor's team. In just a few more weeks, fans will finally learn how she's been coping with her new life, at the same time that her ex-crew in the Big Apple begin wrapping up their story.

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Speaking with TV Line in light of the back-t0-back premier for Suits season 9 and Pearson, franchise creator Korsh was asked about the possibility of an original character permanently transferring to the spin-off. He's apprehensive about this, at least right now. Instead, he's keener on a crossover through a specific arc. In any case, he's keeping the door open for any narrative opportunity that would allow them to do either of these possibilities:

“My gut reaction is, I don’t really see any of the Suits characters being regulars on the spinoff. It’s a different tone, it’s a different world, and I don’t see it. It doesn’t mean that couldn’t change. There are worlds in which I could see it, but I would sooner think that they would, in success, show up for an episode or an arc. But you never know. If they showed up for an episode or an arc, and it turned out to be outstanding, and they fit in well, then it’s possible. Anything is possible.”

Pearson's Suit Backdoor Pilot

Since Harvey has technically already appeared in Pearson through its backdoor pilot, one could argue that it could be counted as a crossover. The same could be said about the few times that Jessica made her way back to New York after she's already moved to Chicago. But in this case, viewers may be looking at a more intricate crossover that involves more than the characters popping in and out of each other's show. Considering that Suits only have 10 episodes left, there's a very slim chance that they would devote time for a complex crossover, especially since it looks like Harvey, Louis (Rick Hoffman) and Donna (Sarah Rafferty) have problems to deal on their own. That said, it doesn't mean that this couldn't be done.

No word yet if Jessica will be back in New York to get involved with whatever mess Harvey and firm is facing. However, with Adams coming back to reprise Mike, it's more likely to see all these original characters return for a final outing, except for Meghan Markle's Rachel. Regardless, considering that Suits' initial appeal is the great chemistry among its debut cast, this will be a treat for long-time fans. As for Pearson, Jessica knows that any of her former subordinates is just one call away in case she needs them in Chicago.

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Suits' final season and Pearson's premiere will air on July 17 on USA Network.

Source: TV Line

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