Suits: Top 11 Characters, Ranked

With so many hit shows on Primetime TV, so many of the smaller known ones often go unnoticed. Where NBC, CBS, and ABC have garnered much acclaim for their part in successful dramas and comedies, USA Network has had their hands in some of that success as well. One show, in particular, is Suits. A lawyer-based drama with a cast so diverse in acting and personalities—after one episode, you're hooked.

The Suits ensemble has quirkiness, prideful, aggressive, and just plain weird characters. However, they make law fun. It doesn't matter if they're going against the little guy, it's hard to hate Havery Spectar, Mike Ross, or Louis Litt for any decision they may make when it comes to defending or putting their own stamps on the law. But which character is your favorite? Here are the top characters from the hit show Suits.

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11 Alex Williams

Not as new as Samantha, Alex William's has had to earn his place on multiple occasions. As one of the newer names on the wall, he has earned that distinction. Alex is another strong-willed character who doesn't take any nonsense from anyone. He often comes up with great plans to get a deal done, but there have been times where he gets the short end of the stick.

He has never asked for any special treatment just because he's one of Harvey's good friends. Alex has been promised certain things only to see them snatched away at the last minute. He's a family man with great morals and has used that not to let the world of law drag him down a slippery slope.

10 Gretchen Bodinski

If going by age, Gretchen is the original Donna. Everything that makes Donna so special, Gretchen has the same qualities.  She's funny when she has to be, pushy when it's needed, and just downright psychic at times. She started out as Louis' secretary and easily made a name for herself within the entire firm. She has connections that extend outside of Specter, Litt, Williams, and Wheeler and is not afraid to call in a favor.

The one thing that's missing for Gretchen is a personal life. Unlike with Donna, we don't get to see her outside of the office. It's time we get an awesome backstory as to who she is and how she became so awesome.

9 Robert Zane

Despite being Rachel's dad, Robert wasn't actually one of the characters fans could relate to. He was often viewed as the enemy after going against Jessica and Harvey so many times but he earned a soft spot in our hearts due to his bond with Rachel. Was he a fan of Mike's after learning the secret? No, but who truly was? Robert came around and was willing to fight for his future son in law. He was slowly gaining our trust.

When the walls started to close in on the firm, it was Robert who swooped in to save the day. The last season was his best, as we learned more about the character and why his demeanor is so hard. We sympathized with his journey, which forced us to root for him. In the end, he made the ultimate sacrifice in terms of his law license by giving up what he loves dearly to protect the integrity of friends, colleagues, and the firm. Much respect, Robert Zane.

8 Katrina Bennett

We have to admit, it was so great for the writers to finally give Katrina a personality last season. She entered Suits as a robot. Katrina was Loui's personal attack dog, but you could tell there was still some emptiness there. As her character grew with experience, so did her role in the firm. She became more aggressive and assertive in her approach and took on a life of her own in an egotistical business.

The mistake that seemingly won't be fixed is her personal life. Like, what is she like outside the office? The one time the writers tried to give her some personal attention, they attached her to a married man with a newborn baby. Ouch! Her loyalty is never to be questioned as she just wants what's best for the firm.

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7 Samantha Wheeler

Samantha has been a pleasant addition to Suits. No one can replace Mike, but Samantha has done a great job giving Harvey a run for his money. Not to label Samantha as dirty, she just believes that, to win a case, you must not leave any stone unturned. And, while fans and other lawyers may give her grief over her tactics, Harvey has been known to do the same over his career.

Samantha is not only driven to do her best but to prove that her upbringing did not damage her. The writers have done a remarkable job catering to this big cast while not forgetting to focus on the newbies to the show. Samantha came into the show only loyal to just one person: Robert. However, by the time her second season came rolling around, Samantha was more of a team player. She may not be as valuable or Mike or Rachel, but she has proven to be quite an asset for the firm.

6 Jessica Pearson

The Boss. Despite how good Harvey and fans believe he is, Jessica Pearson was still above him. Viewed as Harvey's mentor, it was Jessica who opened up doors, paid her dues, and possibly paid the ultimate sacrifice in the end. She is ruthless and aloof, but, when the bullseye is painted large on your back, it comes with the territory.

How many times have we seen Jessica flinch? After countless attempts by outsiders and sometimes colleagues to take her throne, she fought them off like a mother protecting a newborn. When her lawyers were getting off track, she laid the hammer down. Despite her reservations concerning Mike in the beginning, it was Jessica who sacrificed her career so he can pursue his. That's what a leader does.

5 Rachel Zane

Before becoming Royalty in another country, Rachael was just that for Suits. Was she eye candy? Yes, she's beautiful, but she brought so much more to the show.

One of the best paralegals in the business, Rachel hustled her way to becoming a great attorney in the end. She's loyal, sometimes to a fault, especially when it came to Mike. No matter who's in front of her, Rachel is going to stand her ground. With a father like Robert Zane, how could she be anything less than remarkable?

Rachel's departure was not fair. She was just coming into her own as a lawyer, and it would've been great to see her matched with Mike, Harvey, and Louis over time. She didn't have all the answers like Donna did when trouble came knocking, but her willingness to put in the long hours and grind out the work was exceptional.

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4 Donna Paulsen

Donna Poulsen is an air-breathing, English speaking, walking computer. She knows what's going on before it happens and can anticipate one's response before they knew they even had one. There's no need to put Donna in a courtroom; she's better suited elsewhere. She can read anyone. Truth be told, she's the heart of soul of the firm and the show.

Not too many things will get past Donna and not too many people could pull a fast one on her. She's brash, calculating, and direct, but that's what we love about her. Her only downfall was her loyalty and unwillingness to give in to Harvey. Well, that issue has been solved.

3 Harvey Specter

Every show needs one character where everything revolves around that person. For Suits, Harvey Specter is that guy. When the situation gets thick and it appears there's no way out, you call in the best. When a deal is about to go sideways or a client is having second thoughts about leaving or staying, you call in the closer. This is Harvey. His name alone shakes the confidence of others in the judicial system. He's well respected, often feared but behind it all, Harvey does have a heart.

There would be no Mike Ross if Harvey never took a risk. When the truth came out, he was ready to bite the bullet and do the time. He will go toe-to-toe with anyone when it comes to his firm, and that's what makes him irreplaceable. Can we imagine Suits without Harvey? No, not really.

2 Mike Ross

Things just haven't been the same without the kid with the photographic memory. Mike Ross was the know-it-all who may have actually known it all. His wit and charm were proof enough that he belonged in the courtroom, but his brain showed that he was step-in-step with the heavy hitters. Despite his secrets, Mike earned everything that came to him.

His loyalty to the firm should never be questioned, and his devotion to everyone in his inner-circle is what made him so endearing to fans. It was painful to watch him walk away after seven seasons, but even Michael Jordan knew when to call it quits. Mike wasn't always right, but he was willing to do what he felt was best for anyone he was defending... even if that meant going against Jessica and Harvey's wishes.

1 Louis Litt

No way Harvey or Mike could go atop this list. Louis Litt is one of those characters you have to see to believe. From the start, it was obvious he was going to steal the show. If every lawyer is passionate, that's because Louis gave them a piece of his soul. Can you honestly name another character on Suits as dedicated as Louis? He's had his dark moments; the pressure has gotten to him just the same as it has everyone else. But he's still standing.

Never mind the mud baths, the love for cats, and the very weird relationship/marriage he has with Sheila, it's the faces, sounds, and his anger that makes Louis the king. All Lous ever wanted was to be included. He had to claw his way to the partner's table and, once he got there, he demanded more. But he never did it in a backstabbing kind of way. When he's on his game and his stride is in full bloom, Louis is hands down the best character to ever appear on Suits.

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