Suits Season 9: 10 Things That Need To Happen Before It Ends

The greenback boogie will sound its last beat with the next season of Suits. After nine seasons of drama, Gabriel Macht's Harvey Specter and the gang at the firm will bid farewell to their devoted fans. Not many shows last as long as this one has, especially not after losing the bulk of its principal cast along the way.

While a lot has developed ever since the series first aired in 2011, there are a few loose ends that Suits needs to resolve before it fades away into syndication. Sure, not everything might be covered when all is said and done, but there are a handful of things that just need to happen.

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Gabriel Macht and Sarah Rafferty Harvey Specter Donna Paulsen in Suits
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10 Donna & Harvey Marry

Gabriel Macht and Sarah Rafferty Harvey Specter Donna Paulsen in Suits

This is a low hanging fruit. Ever since Donna and Harvey were introduced to viewers, the showrunners have teased the inevitable. Finally, at the end of Season 8, we saw the two of them embrace their long-standing feelings for each other. It was a moment in the making for eight years.

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Considering how pretty much everyone else has had their happily ever after, it's only Donna and Harvey left. Of course, it wouldn't be Suits without a little drama and their relationship will likely hit a rocky patch in Season 9, but we'd bet on a white wedding capping off the series as the two tie the knot.

9 Mike Makes A Return

Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams in Suits Season 5 Episode 1

Many fans were left confused by the departure of Patrick J. Adams's Mike Ross from Suits at the end of Season 7. The fundamental premise of the show was centered on the mentor-student relationship between Harvey and him, so it seemed bizarre to see Mike exit the series before its conclusion.

In the TV industry, this isn't unusual as actors depart shows for greener pastures, or because they're fed-up. That said, the audience expected Mike to at least make a guest appearance in Season 8, but that never occurred. Since it's all coming to an end now, surely Mike can pop up one last time?

8 Scottie Throws A Spanner Into Donna & Harvey's Romance

Abigail Spencer and Gabriel Macht in Suits

For far too long, Abigail Spencer's Dana 'Scottie' Scott has been Harvey's main love interest on the show. They break up, make up, repeat. Despite all their highs and lows, it's clear that she genuinely cares for him and values what they've shared over the seasons.

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With Harvey and Donna an item now, it's only a matter of time before Scottie shows her face again and causes a little havoc in this new romance. After all, it wouldn't be like her to give up on Harvey so easily. She's determined and might just make Donna's life that much more rough in Season 9.

7 Louis & Sheila's Baby Is Born

Louis and Sheila in Suits

It was a long, winding road but eventually Louis and Sheila ended up together in Suits. At one point, it seemed like their love affair wouldn't survive, as they both wanted different things out of their relationship. They rode out the turbulent times, though, making it out on the other side stronger than ever.

With Sheila poised to give birth to Louis' child, it marks a new chapter in their lives. There's an excitement and anticipation for the baby, as Louis and Sheila prepare to be parents. Undoubtedly, fans would love to share this moment with the characters and witness their happiness.

6 Brian & Katrina Resolve Their Feelings

Katrina and Brian in Suits

Watching Katrina and Brian play cat and mouse in Season 8 has been grueling. It's evident that there's something developing between the two of them, and it isn't going away—even if Brian leaves the firm. Yes, he did the right thing for his family, but there's likely to be another turn in this story.

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First, Brian's wife has never been seen, which is a clever way of preventing the viewers from forming an attachment to her. Second, this married couple spends an awful amount of time away from each other on the show. Don't be surprised if a divorce is around the corner and Brian finds his way back to Katrina.

5 Suits Crosses Over With Pearson

Suits Gina Torres Pearson

Look, let's be straight here: The loss of Gina Torres' Jessica Pearson on Suits was massive. While she has reappeared since she left the show, it isn't the same without her. Her character brought a certain grace, calm, and take-no-nonsense attitude that's been sorely missing on the program.

The good news is, Jessica is getting her own spinoff series titled Pearson, which will follow her as she enters the world of politics in Chicago. While an episode of Suits already served as a backdoor pilot for this new show, it would be welcome to see a proper crossover before it's too late.

4 Louis Remains Managing Partner

Suits Louis Litt

When you think of character development and growth, no one has had an arc quite like Rick Hoffman's Louis Litt. Ambitious, determined, and often misunderstood, Louis was mistakenly seen as a rival of Harvey's rather than as a valuable ally in the first few seasons of the show.

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Now, he's seen as what he truly is: The partner capable of running the firm. Being managing partner was always his dream and he's achieved it. While Louis has his faults, like any of the other characters, he is the only person who possesses the right temperament to manage a firm of that size and stature.

3 Samantha Finds Love

Suits Samantha Wheeler

The inclusion of Katherine Heigl's Samantha Wheeler on Suits proved to be a breath of fresh air. She brought with her a tough-as-nails attitude and real personality. Plus, many fans appreciated her unabashed hunger and desire to become a top dog at the firm.

The thing is, Samantha appears to live a bit of a lonely life. With Robert Zane now gone from the first, she's lost someone who was like a father to her. Maybe she doesn't need to find a romantic partner per se, but at least someone else to fill the void that Robert will inevitably leave in her life.

2 Robert Enjoys Retirement

Wendell Pierce as Robert Zane in Suits

One of the biggest shocks of Season 8 was the figurative bullet that Robert Zane took for Harvey and the firm. It rocked everyone, including his colleagues, as it sent the seasoned attorney and partner into instant retirement and tarnished his good name. No one could've predicted such a twist in Robert's tale.

While it's tempting to ponder how Harvey and Samantha could clear Robert's name in the upcoming season, it's best to leave well enough alone. Robert worked incredibly hard and mentioned how he wanted to enjoy retirement. Perhaps the best thing for the character is to let him do exactly that.

1 Daniel Hardman Makes Amends With The Firm

David Costabile as Daniel Hardman in Suits

David Costabile's Daniel Hardman is a peculiar character on Suits. As founding partner of Pearson Hardman, we've seen the ugly side of him and how he thirsts for revenge against the firm he once called home. He harbors an intense grudge and it consumes him, as he does everything in his power to make everyone suffer.

In Season 8, though, we witnessed a different side of him. His friendship with Robert Zane was illustrated, and even portrayed him as a man of principles when it comes to friends. Instead of watching this grudge eat him up, maybe it's time that he patches things up with Harvey and everyone else.

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