Suits Season 9: Don’t Expect A Harvey & Donna Wedding

Harvey (Gabriel Macht) and Donna (Sarah Rafferty) may finally be an official couple, but don't expect a wedding for them in Suits season 9. USA Network's long-running legal drama is back on the air this week to begin its ninth and last season. It's a shorter final run with only 10 episodes, but fans have a lot of to look forward to in terms of character development. Plus, Patrick J. Adams is due to reprise his role as Mike Ross in episode 5. While that guest appearance will take a bit of a wait, another exciting element for Suits' upcoming return is learning the aftermath of the final moments of season 8.

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Following a rough few days at the firm, Harvey gets an epiphany regarding his true feelings for his long-time secretary and friend, Donna. The season finale wrapped up with him coming clean about it and the two of them spent the night together. With that as the parting scene for the show's season 8, Suits season 9 will pick up shortly after they left off. But despite what's shaping up to be a happy ending for the couple, there will more likely be no wedding bells ringing for the two.

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Speaking with ET in light of the Suits season 9 premiere, Rafferty was asked whether or not fans can expect a walk down the aisle for Donna and Harvey, similar to Rachel (Meghan Markle) and Mike. Unfortunately, it seems like it's not in the cards, but it's not because of time constraints, and has everything to do with what kind of character Donna is.

"I don't think their ending is a big white wedding. I don't think that's Donna's dream. The moment that they got together at the end of season eight, when she saw [Harvey's] face at that door, she saw a different guy - a guy who had evolved into one who was ready emotionally [and they could] never go back from here. They could only move forward. He moved through the doorway and into their life, so they're going to move forward as partners. ... I do not think Donna's end is getting the guy. That's not the story that I think we're telling. They've walked side by side all along in one way or another. At the end of it, it will perhaps be that they walk side by side into their future lives, which may have different career paths. But she is ambitious and will march forward into her career and lean into it. That's who she is. I don't think she's going to be done now that she got the guy."

For years, Suits played into the will-they, won't-they dilemma. But unlike sitcoms that utilized the trope like Friends and Cheers, the legal series maintained a straight line between Harvey and Donna. Except for that one time they slept together, and the kiss a couple of seasons back, they were in other serious relationships. So while everyone was somehow hoping they'd end up together, the show could've totally pulled it off if their love for each other remained platonic. However, with the show's main love line ending with Mike and Rachel leaving the firm, they needed to fill that void and finally push through with this Harvey and Donna romance.

With just 10 episodes left, planning and executing a wedding isn't plausible, especially with the incoming trouble headed the firm's way. Frankly, at this point, Donna and Harvey don't need wedding to cap off their relationship. It took them years of building up to this moment, and they don't need to rush getting hitched just to prove that they're committed with each other. Longtime Suits fans of the show who have been pining for them very well know this. If anything, seeing them finally coming together at the end of season 8 was already a big development in itself. Whatever happens after that is just bonus.

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Suits season 9 will air on July 17 on USA Network.

Source: ET

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