Suits Has a Meta Reference to Meghan Markle’s Character Rachel

Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) returned to the firm and reunited with his former co-workers in the fifth episode of Suits' final season. Mentioning Rachel (Meghan Markle) was inevitable, but the USA legal drama took it one step further with TWO meta references to the now Duchess of Sussex.

After nine years, Suits is bowing out with a shortened 10-episode final season. And with the end slowly inching near, USA is setting up a satisfying finale for the fans, and what better way to cap off the show than to bring back original cast member Patrick Adams, who left the show back in season 7 finale. His exit came with Markle's retirement from show business as she got ready to join the British Royal Family by marrying Prince Harry, and instead of breaking up the couples, show creatives decided to write them out together by sending them to Seattle following their long-delayed wedding.

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When Mike returned to NYC for work purposes, albeit without Rachel, fans expected some sort of update with regard to how they're doing in Seattle. Unfortunately, since the reunion wasn't under better circumstances, the old-timers didn't really get the chance to really catch-up and give the fans a full update with regard to what Rachel is up to. But toward the end of the episode, Mike reunited with Katrina and the latter took the opportunity to ask how Rachel was doing, to which he replied: “If I told you how good, you probably wouldn’t believe me” - referring to Markle's life now as a member of the British Royal family.

Mike and Rachel in Suits

Aside from the cheeky comment from Mike, the episode title in itself - "If The Shoe Fits” - was a subtle reference to Markle. Suits justified their choice of title with a Louis (Rick Hoffman) and Sheila (Rachel Harris) subplot where the new parents fight over a $5,000 glass slipper that they use during their role playing Not that Louis and Sheila's story is not worth putting a spotlight on, but this seemed like a ploy to justify the title choice which could've been easily read as a nod to Markle's whirlwind romance with Prince Harry and her new life as a princess.

It will be interesting to see if there are more mention of Rachel in the remainder of Suits now that Mike's returned to Seattle. The show's season 9 premiere included several other references to the couple. While there's no word yet whether or not Harvey's former protégé is returning to NYC, fans continue to hold out on hope that we'll see him one more time - perhaps alongside Gina Torres' Jessica Pearson, before the series officially bows out.

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Suits season 9 airs Wednesday nights on USA.

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