Suits Season 9 Will Have One Final Firm Name Change

There will be one last change to the law firm's name in Suits' final season. Running for almost a decade, the USA Network legal drama is coming to a close with a shortened 10-episode season 9. Debuting in 2011, it's gone through a flurry of changes in terms of key players, with fan-favorites like Mike (Patrick J. Adams), Rachel (Meghan Markle), and Jessica (Gina Torres) all leaving the New York-based firm. But even before original characters started exiting the show, there was always one constant change: the law firm's name.

Suits started off with Pearson Hardman, but before Jessica Pearson and Daniel Hardman's reign, it was Gordon Schmidt Van Dyke. Due to a string of promotions, scandals, coups, and mergers, during the show's run, it's gone through many more iterations. It's become Pearson, Pearson Darby, Pearson Darby Specter, Pearson Specter, Pearson Specter Litt, Specter Litt, Zane Specter Litt and Zane Specter Litt Wheeler Williams. Given this pattern, fans are curious if Suits has one more firm-shaking name change in the pipeline for its final season.

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Creator Aaron Korsh can't obviously get into specifics with regard to the matter, but based on his answer, it seems like that's in the cards for Suits' final  year. Speaking with TV Guide in light of the upcoming premiere, the executive producer reveals that he's still deciding on the best way to execute it.

How many times is this firm going to have to buy new stationary and send out a press release about the firm name changes in the final season?

Korsh: Excellent question. By the way, we're right now, literally today, putting the beginnings of the finishing touches on [Episodes] 9 and 10. Not writing them — we call it "breaking a story," on kind of dictating what's going to happen in 9 and 10. From a month or two ago, or maybe even more, we did put a comment, and I hope it makes it in — obviously I'm the one to decide, but sometimes it fits and sometimes it doesn't — but a comment on how many times the firm has changed its name. I'll say, in true Suits fashion, at least one time is the firm going to change its name, from what it was at the end of last season to what it is at the end of this season.'

Suits Harvey and Samantha

With Suits season 8 ending with the disbarment of Robert Zane (Wendell Pierce), it's possible that his name will be taken down from the wall. That'll make the firm's name Specter Litt Wheeler Williams. However, this doesn't seem to be the name change that Korsh is talking about, considering that it'll more likely come into effect towards the last couple episodes of the legal drama. At this point, there are a few possibilities. Louis has already expressed his eagerness to step down as Managing Partner once his baby is born, proving that at this point, his priority is family. While that would still make him Name Partner, there's a chance that he'll be open to leave the firm to focus on family life. Considering that Samantha Wheeler (Katherine Heigl) doesn't seem as invested in the company, especially after Zane left, she might also exit the firm.

However, if Korsh wants maximum impact regarding the final name change for the law firm, it has to be about Harvey. At this point, New York's best closer has been able to get away scot-free with all his illegal dealings, including hiring Mike. There's a chance that this time, the law catches up with him, forcing the firm to take down his name on the wall. Then again, if they want a happier ending, bringing Mike back (who's already returning for an episode) and making him Name Partner seems like a great idea. And since there's no more Suits, they can get away with the notion that Mike and Rachel are moving back to New York.

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Suits season 9 premieres July 17 on USA.

Source: TV Guide

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