Suits Teaser Reveals Mike's Return

The latest special preview for Suits reveals the return of Patrick J. Adams' Mike Ross to New York. Leaving the legal drama at the end of season 7, fans haven't seen Harvey Specter's (Gabriel Macht) protege for a full season. And with the series wrapping up after nine years, it was only fitting that he makes a final stop to his former workplace before the show officially ends, and that's exactly what fans are getting from the legal drama next week.

Adams' exit from Suits stemmed from Meghan Markle's (who played his love interest, Rachel) retirement from show business as she got ready to join the British Royal Family by marrying Prince Harry. Instead of breaking up the couple, creator Aaron Korsh decided to write out the pair together. Following their long-delayed wedding, they haphazardly decided to move to Seattle and leave their high-profile jobs in the Big Apple. But now, Mike finds himself back for one final hurrah with Harvey.

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Suits' official Instagram account reveals a new special preview for next week's episode titled "If the Shoe Fits" and it features the reunion of Harvey and Mike. The clip only runs for 20 seconds, and it establishes the partner's first face-to-face interaction since the latter left New York. Watch the video below:

Short as the teaser is, it reminds fans the pivotal element missing since Mike left in season 7 - his unbelievable chemistry with Harvey. The two quickly jumped back to their fast-paced back-and-forth without anyone missing a beat which was one of the main selling points of the show when it first debuted back in 2011. And as much as loyal viewers love the fully fleshed romantic arc between Harvey and Donna (Sarah Rafferty), most would argue that the best relationship in the show has always been between the mentor and his mentee. Sadly, Mike is supposedly back for only a single episode, and there's no official synopsis yet for the outing so it's uncertain what brought Mike to the Big Apple. It's worth noting, however, that this reunion won't be all happy since Mike and Harvey will find themselves on opposite sides of the aisle sometime soon.

Mike may be back, but don't expect the now Duchess of Sussex to make an appearance as warned by Korsh a couple of weeks ago. If anything, the most fans can look forward to is a concrete update on how Rachel is doing in Seattle. For long time fans of the show, it's still surreal to think that Mike and Rachel are no longer part of the legal drama. The current roster of characters brings a different kind of vibe to the show, but it's just different when the its original cast was still intact - including Gina Torres' Jessica Pearson. At least Mike's back, even for a limited time only.

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Suits season 9 airs Wednesday nights on USA.

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