Suits Should Have Ended In Season 7

Suits Ending Season 9 Season 7

Suits survived all the way to season 9, but it really should've ended at the end of season 7. USA Network's legal drama had a satisfying finale, one that made all long-time fans of the show happy. However, considering how we all got to this point, it would've been for the best if the series wrapped up a couple of seasons earlier.

A lot happened in Suits' final hour. Harvey (Gabriel Macht) and the rest of his allies finally got rid of the season-long villain, Faye Richardson (Denise Crosby). There were two weddings, a birth, and a promise of new beginnings for all of the show's key players. After years of devoting his time being the best closer in New York, Harvey and his new bride Donna, decided to join Mike (Patrick J. Adams) and Rachel (Meghan Markle) in Seattle as they fight the good fight on the West Coast.

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Suits even included a touching call back to the premiere episode with a one-on-one moment between Mike and Harvey. But as great as the send-off was to all these characters, the series may have been able to craft a better final had it ended back when everyone was still available to do it.

Suits Season 9 Wasn't Necessary

There's not much that happened in the last two seasons of Suits. Other than finally committing to the brewing Harvey and Donna romance, there's no major narrative in the series that hooked viewers in. Of course, there's the usual firm issues and we saw Harvey and Louis' personal and professional relationship become more stable. However, almost everything that transpired from season 8 onwards is some sort of a rehash of what we've seen in the show before - basically, someone wanting to take down the firm with the remaining employees banding together to keep it from happening.

While we've seen a few retreads of this particular plot detail in the earlier seasons of Suits, there was still some novelty to it because the crux of the show was still intact - Mike being a fraud. Harvey's then-associate was so pivotal in fighting every take-down attempt that they tried everything to keep him in the firm despite the risks, hence putting a different spin every time someone came after them. As they realized just how valuable he was to the firm, they became more motivated to keep his secret under wraps. In all fairness, after their cover was blown up and Mike spent some time in prison in season 6, it was still able to keep things interesting with an extended plot that revolved around Mike becoming a real lawyer, and eventually returning to the firm, but they couldn't manage this in Suits seasons 8 & 9.

Suits Wasn't The Same After Season 7

Suits Season 7 Cast

At the start of season 7, Gina Torres' Jessica Pearson was fully out of Suits after making a last-minute trip to New York to help his former colleagues. And by the end of the year, Mike and Rachel were also out due to Markle's retirement from acting business to join the British Royal family. By then, Suits' premise had already been resolved - Mike's now a lawyer and Harvey's off the hook for hiring a fraud.

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The series could've very well ended at that point knowing that half of the original cast won't be returning for succeeding seasons, and frankly, Suits' greatest strength was its characters and the chemistry among them. While Harvey, Donna and Louis remained, and the newer characters like Katherine Heigl's Samantha and Dulé Hill's Alex were okay, it was difficult to get used to the show knowing that there's no Mike, Rachel and Jessica. Mike's return in the last few episodes put a spotlight on that, and it reinforced the idea that at the end of the day, Suits was infinitely more entertaining because of its characters more than the show's actual ongoings.

Suits Ending With Season 7 Would've Made For A Tighter Story

Suits Season 7 Finale

In hindsight, the pros outweigh the cons of ending the legal drama in season 7. While it would've been sad to see the show wrap up, it truly was a shell of its former self in its last two years. It would've have gone at its peak and without any lingering plot lines that need resolving. Harvey and Donna's relationship was arguably the only significant development in the show's final years. Granted that Harvey also made amends with his estranged mother, all that was made possible because he was in a relationship with Donna. The creative move was celebrated by the fan community, but there was no necessity whatsoever to go as far as seeing them get married. Even the way things played out was a little off-setting. After years of cajoling from people around him, it was jarring to see  Harvey having the epiphany following an unassuming conversation with new colleague Sam.

In addition to that, there wouldn't have the need to pull the moving-t0-Seattle card for the Rosses - a narrative turn that came out of nowhere - had the show ended its run in season 7. It was simply a convenient exit route for Mike and Rachel without the need to break them up, and at the same time, leave the door wide open for any possible return - something that they utilized in the last season with Mike coming back to New York. It somehow worked the first time, so they used the same ruse for Harvey and Donna for the season 9 finale.

Since the idea of the Seattle law firm focusing on class-action lawsuits was introduced, there's not much details revealed about it which didn't help establish the need for almost everyone to move there. They could've all stayed in New York and ran the firm they worked so hard to protect with the series leaving it at that. Instead, fans got two more seasons of Suits that introduced fresh narratives that ultimately didn't service the show's overall lore. For years, Suits had been one of the more underrated shows on TV. Its premise was unique and it had brilliant writing in its first few seasons. The show's appeal was bolstered by its casts' chemistry. Sadly, although it put out a generally satisfying finale, wrapping it up in season 7 would've given it a tighter narrative, benefiting its legacy as we look back on it in the years to come.


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