'Suits' Renewed By USA For Season 6

Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams in Suits Season 5 Episode 1

Last week, USA’s Suits kicked off its fifth season with a premiere that took audiences deep into the mind of Harvey Specter following the loss of his secretary, Donna, to professional freinemy, Louis Litt. But just how much juice does the show have left being this far into its life? Well, enough for USA to grant it an early renewal.

Earlier today, the network confirmed it’s picked up the show for a 16-episode 6th season that will begin airing in the summer of 2016.

The renewal comes on the heels of the network’s surprise early renewal of Mr. Robot for a second season before the pilot had even aired (though, according to USA, the pilot has already been viewed by over 3 million people across various digital platforms over the weeks leading to last Wednesday’s premiere). Like Mr. Robot, USA’s parent company, Universal Cable Productions, has a financial stake in Suits as it’s the producing studios. Given that, it seems like a safe bet that USA was just waiting to see how the premiere faired once DVR playback was factored in. As long as those numbers weren’t down, the show wasn’t going anywhere.

One thing audiences should start coming to terms with, however, is the fact that we’re probably in the latter half of Suits’ life at this point. On cable, the average life of a show is 5-7 years – and this is especially true for USA programs. Monk and Psych ran for 8 seasons. Burn Notice ran for 7. White Collar ran for 6. If we were to bet, we’d say to expect word either next year or the year after that the coming season of Suits, or the one after it, will be the show’s last.

To be clear, though, the show’s series conclusion at this point isn’t going to come because of a lack in ratings. Suits pulls in a fair amount of cash for both its network and its studio. It’s one of the more “upscale audience” tracking shows on cable – included with it are the likes of Mad Men and Orphan Black. Ultimately, the show’s final days will be determined by creator Aaron Korsh. And, given Korsh is about to go to pilot as an executive producer for a potential new USA drama in Paradise Pictures, there will be plenty of things to keep him busy as Suits pushes forward to the end zone for its final play of the game.

Suits airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on USA.

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