Suits Boss Explains [SPOILER’S] Absence in the Finale

Suits Finale

Producer Aaron Korsh explains why Jessica Pearson didn't appear in Suits' series finale. USA Network's legal drama wrapped up after nine years with an emotional series capper. After the team finally got rid of Faye Richardson (Denise Crosby), Harvey (Gabriel Macht) and Donna (Sarah Rafferty) went on to marry shotgun, while Louis' (Rick Hoffman) daughter is born. It was a happy ending for all, and it would've been great to see the original cast one last time before the show bows out.

Of course, considering Meghan Markle's current role as the Duchess of Sussex and retirement from acting, Rachel's appearance was quite difficult to pull off. So viewers were counting on the second best thing that can happen in the Suits finale - both Mike (Patrick J. Adams) and Jessica reuniting with their former colleagues in time for Harvey and Donna's special occasion. Adams was already back for a couple of episodes before the final outing, it was a no-brainer for him to stick until the very end. Jessica's absence through the whole Faye debacle was understood considering what was happening in her own spin-off series Pearson, but many were holding out hope that she'll drop by at New York one last time before the show ended, which obviously didn't happen.

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It was a massive let down, but Korsh justifies the decision to not have Jessica show up in a new interview with EW. The Suits creator wanted the former firm managing partner in the series finale, but he says that it doesn't make sense for her to leave Chicago given her current circumstances to go to New York at any point in the 10-episode final season of the legal drama.

It was a very difficult process of deciding how to handle Jessica in the Suits thing. Look, if Pearson didn’t exist, I would’ve had Jessica come in and help them get rid of Faye. But because Pearson was on the air and these shows were airing back-to-back on the same night, I felt like if I was a viewer watching TV and one minute I’m seeing Jessica up to her eyeballs in intrigue and back dealings, and fighting for the life of the city on Pearson, and then in the very next show acting like none of that is happening and she’s just in here waltzing in and saving the day and yucking it up at a wedding, it would lose the credibility that Pearson had. We worked very hard on that show and I was so proud of it, and that was the struggle. I just didn’t want to mess with the integrity of Pearson to service Suits. I didn’t think that was right.

On the Suits side, I want Jessica on the show and to explain why she wasn’t at the funeral, right, for Suits viewers. What we ended up trying to do was write a scene where Harvey calls Jessica the morning of the big conference room scene and he’s not sure that he wants to do it and he asks his mentor one more time, and at the same time she’s getting ready for work in her apartment and getting ready to go and deal with the stuff going on in Chicago. Unfortunately, by the time we wrote that scene, all of the sets of Pearson were gone. We’d wrapped and put them away and we didn’t own those stages anymore. We would’ve had to fly her to Toronto, but she was flying around the country working herself to the bone to promote Pearson. So it just logically didn’t end up working, and it bummed me out. What we did do: I wanted to hear Jessica in that memory section.

Korsh made some good points given that Jessica's newest stint in Chi-Town isn't necessarily stress-free. While she dominated corporate law in New York, things are different in Chicago. She's building a new life there, dealing with both professional and personal issues at the same time so fans can't really expect her to travel back-and-forth to help Harvey and his old firm against Faye. From a producer's standpoint, it's also important to properly establish Pearson as a separate show. While it's a spin-off of Suits, it functions in an entirely different environment, and its success will determine whether the legal franchise will thrive or die down.

All that being said, Jessica didn't need to be in multiple episodes in the Suits' last season. A couple of minutes as the show wound down would've been enough just to give fans the reunion that they so wanted since the original ensemble was broken up in season 7. She sacrificed so much for the firm and the people she worked with there, not to mention she valued loyalty so much that it won't be out of character for her to take a night off to celebrate her friends in NYC.

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Source: EW

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