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Mike and Harvey in Suits

The full trailer for the ninth and final season of Suits is here, and it teases the return of Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams). It's been a full season since the genius lawyer walked away from his high-profile job at New York and relocate to Seattle with wife, Rachel (Meghan Markle). But if it wasn't for for Markle's retirement from show business as she gets ready to join the British Royal Family by marrying Prince Harry, it's safe to say that Mike would've continued to be a mainstay in the legal drama. Now that it's nearing its end, fans would be thrilled to know that the fan-favorite character is slated to be back for one last outing with his former colleagues.

Early this years, USA Network announced that its legal drama will wrap up after season 9. Plot details are being kept under wraps but fans are itching to find out what's next for everyone at Specter Litt Wheeler Williams, especially with Harvey and Donna (Sarah Rafferty). After years of waffling about being in a relationship, the pair finally got together during season 8's final moments. However, based on the newly-released trailer for Suits' upcoming outing, it doesn't seem like the couple will have other pressing matters to discuss than their long-overdue relationship.

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Two weeks before Suits enters its last year, USA Network (via TV Promos) rolls out a new trailer hinting a new entity threatening the law firm. And while Harvey and Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman) seem to have each other's backs, things are quite uncertain for the other power players in the company. Clocking in at a minute and 30 seconds, the clip ends with the reveal of Mike returning to New York and meeting Harvey. Watch it below:

Based on the trailer, it does seem like Mike's return is a sign of good times, but it's not. Sadly, instead of teaming up together, Harvey and his former protege will find themselves at opposite sides of another case. Not that fans haven't seen this dynamic for the two in the last seven years that they were together, but things can get ugly when they go up against each other. It's curious what could it be this time since Seattle is quite far from New York, and unless it's something massive, then Mike wouldn't fly all the way to the Big Apple fully knowing that he's going to be at odds with his ex-co-workers whom he all fully loves.

Needless to say, Mike and Harvey will eventually find themselves on the same page before Suits wraps up. So far, Adams is only slated to appear on episode 5 of the final 10-episode season 9, but chances are that he'll continue to pop in and out throughout the remaining outings until the finale. No word yet if Gina Toress' Jessica Pearson will also be appearing since she's busy with the spin-off Pearson but it's safe to say that Korsh is trying to bring the original cast members back for a final hurrah.

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Suits' final season and Pearson's premiere will air on July 17 on USA Network.

Source: USA Network (via TV Promos)

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