Suits Final Season Will Address Meghan Markle’s Absence

Suits Rachel Zane

The final season of Suits will address Meghan Markle's Rachel Zane's absence. In its ninth outing, the USA Network show is attempting to bring back some of its original cast members including Patrick J. Adams' Mike Ross - however, fans shouldn't hold their breath for an appearance from his wife. Despite that, the legal drama won't be totally ignoring Rachel's existence. Viewers can expect a reference or two to the former Pearson Hardman paralegal, and her TV husband reveals exactly how.

Part of Suits' original cast of characters, the show developed Mike and Rachel's love story over the course of several seasons. But they officially bid goodbye the series during the season 7 finale, shortly after they finally tied the knot. The couple decided to move to another city and leave the corporate law world for good and since then, fans have not seen or heard from them. Outside of the narrative, Adams and Markle were written out of the drama following the now Duchess of Sussex retiring from acting last year in preparation of her marriage to Prince Harry. With Suits ending its nine-year run, many are hoping for a reunion of its core cast. And while Markle will not be involved, the show is finding ways to incorporate her into the story especially with Mike coming to New York.

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Adams spoke with ET as the Suits cast gear up for the premiere of their final year. The actor shared how excited he is to reprise his fan-favorite character and be back on the set of the legal drama. He also assured fans that with Mike's visit to the Big Apple, the show will acknowledge Rachel's existence despite Markle's absence, even revealing how they're planning to do it.

"For Mike, this is just a trip to New York, you know. There's phone calls with Rachel and saying goodbye and I love you and you know I think there's some obviously acknowledgment that she's still there and a part of the show and this is just a way for him to come and see his friends one last time."

Mike and Rachel in Suits

At this point, Mike will only be back for an outing - episode 5. And the circumstances that brought back him back to New York is less than ideal. Instead of catching up with Harvey (Gabriel Macht), the former mentor-mentee will once again find themselves on opposite sides of the aisle. It's interesting how Suits will handle this upcoming conflict between the two considering that Adams is supposedly appearing for one episode, potentially its mid-season finale given that season 9 will only has 10 episodes. While there's no actual word for it yet, there's a good chance that Mike will pop back up again at the latter part of the year, perhaps to eventually team up with Harvey. Assuming that Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres) also makes a cameo before focusing on her spinoff Pearson, fans will get an almost complete original cast appearance.

Aside from just getting a phone call from her husband, Suits' final season can also advance Rachel's story with Mike possibly delivering the good news that they're expecting. It would somewhat give couple a happy ending despite the fact that fans won't get any face time from Markle. As romantic as their wedding was back in season 7, it felt rushed. Considering everything that the couple had been through to get to that point, many were hoping for a bigger and better send-off. While this can easily be executed without the Duchess' involvement, it will be nice to get something from Markle - possibly a photo or even a voice-message - just to make it extra special since the series is ending already anyway.

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Suits' final season and Pearson's premiere will air on July 17 on USA Network.

Source: ET

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