15Rewatch all the Justice League cartoons

Superman and Darkseid in Justice League Unlimited

The DC Animated Universe remains the gold standard of TV superhero fare (sorry Arrowverse fans). Beginning with Batman: The Animated Series and continuing on through Justice League Unlimited, the DCAU raised the bar on storytelling via animation and introduced new generations to the adventures of DC Comics. What better

way to prep for a DC movie then by revisiting the best incarnation of the DC universe to date! Do a marathon: start with Batman and go all the way up to the final episodes of Justice League Unlimited. Let’s face it: it’s better than half the junk on TV today!

Rewatching the DCAU shows also solves a practical issue: not all the characters in Suicide Squad are that well known. A review of the DCAU will help recall the specifics of characters like Captain Boomerang or Deadshot. It also gives a nice primer on Amanda Waller, and her habit of creating extraordinarily dangerous situations for herself and just about anyone else. Harley Quinn also made her first appearances in Batman: The Animated Series before her character proved so popular the comic book writers decided to add her to the continuing adventures of the Joker. Seeing Harley in her initial incarnation will provide some interesting context to Margot Robbie and the live action Suicide Squad’s take on the character.

Christopher Reeve in Superman IV The Quest for Peace
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