'Suicide Squad': Viola Davis Cast as Amanda Waller?

Viola Davis as Amanda Waller in Suicide Squad

When it was reported that David Ayer was trying to get Will Smith, Tom Hardy, Margot Robbie, Jai Courtney, and Jared Leto to join the cast of his Suicide Squad movie, few people expected him to be able to get every single one of those actors on board. And yet two weeks ago, he did just that.

Around that same time, it was reported that the filmmakers were looking to cast Amanda Waller - perhaps DC's biggest badass without superpowers besides Batman  - and Oprah Winfrey, Octavia Spencer, and Viola Davis were all being sought for the role. This was, of course, a pretty strong indication that Ayer was looking to adapt the more classic version of the character as opposed to the much-maligned New 52 iteration. Now, if the latest report is correct, Davis is very close to signing on.

According to Latino Review, Davis' casting is all but a done deal at this point. The only thing that remains is to sort out scheduling, as the actress has a pretty successful TV career now with her role on How to Get Away with Murder. But considering there are only 15 episodes a season for that show - a deal put in place specifically so Davis could have a movie and TV career simultaneously - it's doubtful any of that will get in the way of her becoming Amanda Waller.

For those who don't know, Waller is a sometimes bad guy, sometimes good guy (but only marginally) major character within the DC Universe. With regard to the Suicide Squad, she usually is the government agent in charge of the task force and is a big behind-the-scenes player for the world as a whole. She's appeared in many different mediums - in the Justice League cartoon (C.C.H. Pounder), in Smallville (Pamela Grier), in the Green Lantern movie (Angela Bassett), and in Arrow (Cynthia Addai-Robinson) - and been depicted in a variety of ways.

The New 52 version of Amanda Waller

In the comics, she was originally a very large, older woman, and this was the case up until her debut in the 2012 New 52 reboot. There, she was much younger, much thinner, and much more conventionally attractive (basically, she looked like Halle Berry circa 1995). Most fans didn't much appreciate the change, as it seemed to remove one of the elements of the character that was so unique. Suddenly, she looked just like every other female character in the DCU.

That's why, when word came out that Octavia Spencer, Oprah Winfrey, and Viola Davis were up for the role, many fans of the character were both surprised and delighted. None of the actresses much resemble the New 52 version. And while Davis isn't "large" by any means, she is much older than the New 52 Waller. (Oh, and most importantly, she's an Academy Award nominated actress.)

Frankly, I would've been happy with any of these three ladies in the role, but Davis is the actress who I find to be most immediately capable of pulling off an intimidating presence. But what say you, Screen Ranters? Would you be cool with Viola Davis playing Amanda Waller, or would you have preferred to see Octavia Spencer or Oprah Winfrey - or someone else - in the role? Drop us a line in the comments.

Suicide Squad hits theaters August 5th, 2016.

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Source: Latino Review

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