Suicide Squad: 8 Strongest (And 8 Weakest) Members, Ranked

You love to hate them and you hate that you love them. DC’s Suicide Squad has made a habit of recruiting reputable villains, often against their will, to fight on behalf of the US government. Amanda Waller ruthlessly spearheads the group, turning the squad into a lethal force.

Over the years, the Suicide Squad has lost its fair share of members. Thankfully for Waller, there is no shortage of potential members to add to its ranks. Waller is not picky about the types of shady characters she brings in to join the squad's ranks. Regardless of whether they are human or not, any villain with useful abilities is eligible to become a member of the squad.

As a result, the Suicide Squad has recruited a number of both powerful and weak characters. The squad’s diversity of members and its ranging power levels allow them to take on a variety of operation. From simple recovery missions to travelling to alternate dimensions, or planets, the squad takes on all kinds of missions that normal people wouldn’t even attempt. Granted, when you're fighting on behalf of Amanda Waller the options are to accept the challenge or risk termination.

Here is a list of the 8 Strongest (And 8 Weakest) Suicide Squad Members, Ranked.

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Suicide Squad Movie Slipknot Beach
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16 Weakest: Slipknot

Suicide Squad Movie Slipknot Beach

Slipknot has had frequent run ins with bad luck since his inclusion in the Suicide Squad. Whether it’s in comics or in the recent movie adaptation, Slipknot always has the unfortunate luck of losing a limb or another body part.

In the comics, he is easily duped by Captain Boomerang into believing that Waller’s explosive threat was a bluff. However, in the films this role is reversed as he is more arrogant than his comic counterpart. Regardless, in either circumstance he still manages to get something blown off.

It also doesn’t help that his skills, while best suited for heists and subduing his opponents, do not make him the most effective combatant. If Waller’s bombs don’t kill him, his cockiness and lack of combat ability certainly will.

15 Strongest: Deadshot

Deadshot (Will Smith) Uses a Rifle in Suicide Squad

As one of the most recurring and longest surviving member of the Suicide Squad, Deadshot has earned quite the reputation.

Deadshot’s proficiency with firearms makes him one of the top assassins in the DC universe. He also happens to be skilled in hand-to-hand combat and can fight on equal terms against powerful fighters like Batman.

Additionally, a factor that makes him one of the squad’s strongest is his determination to fulfill his goal. One of Deadshot's strongest motivations is to eventually take out Waller for forcing him into the squad. While he may possess excellent qualities that make him the unofficial leader of the squad, he is also known for being ruthless. He won’t even hesitate to kill fellow squad members that step out of line, especially if they threaten Waller as he believes that only he has the right to kill her.

14 Weakest: Penguin

Although Penguin appeared in the first three issues of the Suicide Squad comics, he did not start out as a member. If anything, he acts more like a business partner and only helps the squad for the benefit of financial gain.

In later incarnations, he continues to act as a broker to help them accomplish their missions. For example, in Assault on Arkham, Penguin provides temporary shelter for the squad as well as weapons and information to help them infiltrate into Arkham Asylum.

It was not until Suicide Squad # 5, that Penguin temporarily became a member of the Suicide Squad to help them out on a mission to Moscow. Unfortunately, Penguin’s contributions are only limited to providing resources and relying on his underworld connections. Although he makes up for his lack of combat experience with his arsenal of trick umbrellas and multiple henchmen, he is useless without them.

13 Strongest: Deathstroke

Joe Manganiello as Deathstroke in Justice League

Unlike most members, Deathstroke’s time in the Suicide Squad was quite short. Appearing briefly as a turncoat during the New Suicide Squad series, Deathstroke pursues a group of Russians who offer him a more profitable deal.

It’s no surprise that Deathstroke could not be contained. He is well known as the world’s deadliest assassin and has more than once proven himself worthy of this title -- even Deadshot has trouble competing with him.

Deadstroke’s strength and reflexes are ten times that of an average soldier. He can even use 90% of his brain, making him one of the worlds best tactical strategists. His skills have allowed him to beat multiple members of the league and even fight on equal ground with Superman.

12 Weakest: Weasel

Weasel Dies Suicide Squad Comic Book

Weasel is another member of Firestorm rogues gallery who was unfortunate enough to be recruited into the Suicide Squad. Originally a colleague of professor Stein, he was a very bitter individual that was teased as a student and harbored resentment for his fellow faculty. This later drove him to murder them, though he was eventually stopped by Firestorm.

Aside from having the powers of his namesake and his animalistic bloodlust, Weasel doesn't possesses any additional abilities that make him stand out among the rest of the squad. Eventually, he meets his end at the hands of Rick Flag while Rick is manipulated by the Thinker's helmet.

Following his demise, the rest of the team did not mourn his loss and he became just another casualty.

11 Strongest: Poison Ivy

In addition to Harley Quinn, the Suicide Squad has also had the privilege of including Poison Ivy into its ranks. In fact, Ivy was a member even before Harley was, having first appeared in the comics during the 1980s.

As one of the champions of "the Green", Poison Ivy possesses the power to control all plant life. She also possesses several other abilities, including the power to control humans using plant pheromones, mutate plant life into monstrous creations, and can create giant vines capable of bringing down buildings.

It is revealed by Swamp Thing that Poison Ivy’s abilities may have a semi-mythical component. He has further stated that her power rivals his own, calling her the “May Queen,” a personification of spring and summer.

10 Weakest: Captain Boomerang

Captain Boomerang and Jai Courtney in Suicide Squad

Similar to Deadshot, Captain Boomerang is one of the longest surviving members of the Suicide Squad. However, he is not one of their strongest characters. If anything, he is actually one of their weaker members.

Unlike Deadshot, he does not possess the same ruthless drive to get what he wants. In addition, his weapon of choice happens to be boomerangs. He knows his way around hand-to-hand combat and he is a noticeable threat to regular soldiers with his signature weapons. However, this is not the case with the other members of the Suicide Squad.

Furthermore, he also demonstrates frequent acts of cowardice and won’t hesitate to sacrifice others to save his skin. If anything, the only real purpose for Captain Boomerang is to serve as the squad’s comic relief.

9 Strongest: El Diablo

El Diablo and Deadshot

A former gang leader turned pacifist, El Diablo has led a long and troubled life.  In the film adaptation of Suicide Squad, Amanda Waller claims that El Diablo is one of the most powerful metahumans in the world. Sure enough, in both the movie and the comics, El Diablo has more than enough firepower to back up this claim.

It is revealed that El Diablo’s powers are based in magic. He received them on behalf of Lazarus Lane, the first El Diablo. In the film adaptation, El Diablo demonstrates a new ability to transform into a demonic flaming avatar. This avatar was powerful enough to take on Incubus, a demonic entity from another dimension.

El Diablo, has also demonstrated other powerful abilities, including being able to travel to hell. If anything, this character has only begun to tap into his latent potential.

8 Weakest: Karin Grace

Unlike most of the Suicide Squads’ other members, Karin Grace was not forced into joining the squad. She joined as a favor to Rick Flag, whom she was seeing at the time.

During her time as a member, Karin made many contributions as she even helped the squad finish certain missions. However, she does not have much power compared to some of the other members. As a trained agent, Karin does have knowledge in hand-to-hand combat and firearms training, but her real strength lies more with her skills as a combat medic.

She did demonstrate signs of psychic abilities that allowed her to look into and transport the squad to another dimension. However, this was only temporary as Karin does not display any further abilities beyond that of an ordinary soldier.

7 Strongest: Killer Frost

The Flash Season 3 Finish Line Killer Frost

As one of the incarnations of Killer Frost, Louis Lincoln is well known for being one of the powerhouses of the Suicide Squad. Her brand of ice-based powers is distinct from other ice villains.

One big reason is that she does not have a weakness to flamethrowers, or other fire based abilities. This is due to her powers being centered around thermokinetic cryokinesis. In other words, she can take extremely elevated temperatures and convert the thermal energy to make her sub-zero powers even stronger.

In terms of power and ability, she could potentially surpass even El Diablo as his fire based powers would only make her stronger. During the One Year Later storyline, she claims to be able to absorb the thermal energy of the Sun. In Justice League vs. Suicide Squad #2, she proves this by absorbing yellow solar energy from Superman to freeze the entire Justice League.

6 Weakest: Mindboggler

Originally a member of the Assassination Bureau, Mindboggler was once contracted to take out Firestorm. In the end, she failed her mission and later accepts Amanda Waller’s offer to join the Suicide Squad.

Mindboggler can use her powers to manipulate the minds of her enemies and can induce illusions capable of affecting her target’s five senses. She is remorseless and has even used her powers to manipulate the mind of fellow squad member, Captain Boomerang. In addition to scaring him, she also humiliated him in front of the rest of the Suicide Squad.

With her powers, you’d think she would be one of the Suicide Squad’s more powerful members. Unfortunately, this was not meant to be. In the end, she was ironically killed off by the person she herself once humiliated -- talk about Karma.

5 Strongest: Parasite

Parasite from DC Comics

Believe it or not, Parasite was also drafted into the Suicide Squad in New Suicide Squad #9. Arguably one of the strongest members ever to join the squad, Parasite is an immensely powerful villain. Thanks to his ability to absorb the powers and abilities from the people he touches, Parasite is a recognized threat to even Superman.

Additionally, by absorbing excessive amounts of energy Parasite's body mutates and becomes even stronger. After absorbing the powers of Strange Visitor and a shapeshifter, Parasite's powers have been upgraded. This includes an extended period of time in which Parasite can keep the powers he absorbs.

He also develops the ability to absorb the memories of the people he touches, allowing him to learn the secret identities of heroes such as Superman. Parasite's potential for power makes him one of the toughest members in the history of the Suicide Squad.

4 Weakest: Clock King

Clock King in Arrow

Out of all the villains in DC comics, Clock King is without question one of the worst. Aside from his impeccable sense of time, his intelligence, and technological prowess, he doesn’t really stand out as a villain. Besides these factors, Clock King does not possess any other abilities that would qualify him as a threat.

His only real purpose would be for support and as a strategist. While timing is something that's important during the Suicide Squad's operations, Clock King's lack of physical abilities in the field make him more of a liability than an asset.

Additionally, he wears some of the worst costumes in DC culture. In the end, Clock King became just another casualty in the long history of the Suicide Squad.

3 Strongest: Black Adam

Shazam - Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam Fan Art by George Evangelista

The ruler of Khandaq and nemesis to Shazam, Black Adam was once a member of the Suicide Squad. During his first appearance in the Suicide Squad comics, Black Adam requests their aid to help fight the sorceress, Circe. It was only during the interim period of Suicide Squad Vol. 2 & 3, that he temporarily joined the team.

Black Adam was once a candidate capable of replacing the wizard Shazam, but he was unfortunately corrupted by the power he received. Unlike his nemesis, Billy Batson, who receives the powers of seven Greek gods, Black Adam receives his powers from seven Egyptian gods.

Black Adam is virtually an unstoppable powerhouse that even Superman cannot defeat on his own. In addition, with Sinestro’s help, Black Adam was able to move the Moon.

2 Weakest: Briscoe

Briscoe was the Suicide Squad’s personal pilot. Similarly to the other members of the squad, Briscoe had a disturbing personality trait that allowed him to fit in. In his case, his trait revolves around his obsession with his combat helicopter, Sheba, that he uses to transport the squad.

Named after his deceased daughter, Briscoe’s obsession with his helicopter runs quite deep. He takes great care of Sheba’s maintenance and even insists on sleeping in it. During the events of Apokolips Now, Briscoe is killed after his helicopter gets swarmed by parademons, causing him to crash.

Even though he was a skilled pilot, he had no additional skills. However, he was extremely loyal to the cause. Briscoe is gutsy and goes to great lengths to fulfill his mission. In his last moments, he risks his life to make sure the Suicide Squad makes it to Apokolips.

1 Strongest: Enchantress

Since her introduction, the Enchantress has earned her spot as the Suicide Squad’s most powerful member. After her encounter with the demon Dzamor, June Moone was fused with an extra dimensional demonic entity. The resulting fusion led June to develop her Enchantress persona, which she could switch to by saying her alter ego's name.

As one of DC's most powerful magic users, there is little that Enchantress cannot accomplish. She has demonstrated that she has virtually no limits when it comes to her powers which range from flight, teleportation, healing, elemental manipulation, and much more.

New 52, Enchantress has only become more powerful. She has even surpassed Zatanna, who is powerful enough to do anything in terms of magical ability.


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