Wonder Woman Caught Slipknot Before Suicide Squad

Slipknot Wonder Woman Suicide Squad

[WARNING: This post contains MAJOR SPOILERS for Suicide Squad]


As the third installment of the DC Extended Universe, David Ayer's Suicide Squad works at fleshing out the world, shining the spotlight on a collection of villains. There are numerous connections to the larger franchise within the film, and a few of those deal with members of the Squad being apprehended and sent to prison. Batman makes a couple of cameos in confrontations with Deadshot, and then Joker and Harley Quinn. Captain Boomerang's attempt to rob a bank is foiled by Ezra Miller's Flash. These backstories were fun for comics fans to see and added to the history of the DCEU.

In an ensemble piece, not everyone is going to get an equal amount of screen time, and that holds true for Suicide Squad. One of the secondary players who is mostly sidelined is Slipknot (Adam Beach), who isn't introduced in the movie until Task Force X has been assembled for their first mission in Midway City. As a result, some viewers may be wondering how the character ended up in jail. Now, a possible explanation has been revealed.

Empire's Nick de Semlyen took to his Twitter account to post an amusing anecdote from his visit to the Suicide Squad set, where Beach detailed what Slipknot was up to before the film's events. Apparently, he was doing battle with the one and only Diana Prince:

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