Suicide Squad Theater Display & Potential Run Time Revealed

Suicide Squad Full Cast

Though fans of the DC Extended Universe are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice on home media, many moviegoers have turned their attention to this summer's Suicide Squad. Placing the spotlight on a collection of the Worst. Heroes. Ever., David Ayer's franchise installment has steadily been building positive buzz since the first trailer came out a year ago. After a stellar marketing campaign and early reactions praising the film, anticipation for the film couldn't be higher.

Ironically for a film about villains and antiheroes, there's a sense of hope surrounding Suicide Squad. With Man of Steel and Batman V Superman generating mixed opinions, the DCEU is in the need of a commercial and critical hit to establish forward momentum going into 2017. All signs are pointing to Suicide Squad marking a change for the property, and one area where there will be a considerable difference is the length of the movie.

Collider has heard from their sources that Suicide Squad runs approximately 130 minutes with credits. Its DCEU predecessors were both in the range of 2.5 hours, meaning Suicide Squad will be about 20 minutes shorter than either Man of Steel or Dawn of Justice. Considering the sheer amount of characters Ayer is working with, some may be concerned that Squad is actually too short, but a shade over two hours gives him plenty of time to flesh everything out. After all, Star Wars: The Force Awakens had a lot on its plate and accomplished it all in 136 minutes.

Suicide Squad - Harley Quinn in Heathens video

Theoretically, the running time will help Suicide Squad find a brisk, breezy pace to keep things moving along. Nothing's a guarantee, obviously, but the (relatively) quicker length lowers the risk of superfluous scenes and subplots that aren't necessary for the main narrative. It's worth pointing out that Ayer's World War II drama Fury was 134 minutes and earned praise for the strong bond and chemistry between its main soldiers - each of whom stood out. The director is right in his wheelhouse and should be able to craft something memorable with this colorful cast of characters.

Speaking of the likes of Deadshot, Harley Quinn, and Captain Boomerang, viewers who wished they could be a part of Task Force X can now live out their fantasy thanks to a new Suicide Squad theater display. Featuring the full team (minus the Joker), the flashy cutout has everyone striking a pose, leaving a space for someone to stand in the middle and join in on all the fun. You can see a picture of it below:

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