The New SUICIDE SQUAD is Coming To DC Comics, Too

With a brand new Suicide Squad coming to the movies, DC announces a new comic series this December - and NO villain will be safe this time.

New Suicide Squad DC Comic Team

With a new version of the Suicide Squad coming to DC's movie universe, the comic publisher is getting in on the action--with a brand new ongoing series starting in December 2019! And whether it's old favorites or new recruits, no one is safe. Best-selling Injustice and DCeased writer Tom Taylor and artist Bruno Redondo are at the helm of this new Suicide Squad, promising the wildest version of the team yet.

Taylor has cryptically been warning his Twitter followers not to get attached to anyone in this new incarnation, and now that the details are out, we know why. Task Force X's leader Amanda Waller has been replaced, miraculously with someone who has even fewer moral boundaries. This mysterious leader isn't concerned with the safety of the team whatsoever, willing to sacrifice whenever necessary. Harley Quinn and Deadshot will be returning as the team's modern anchors, but will be surrounded by a group of new villains-- nd have no idea who they can trust.

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The official announcement comes via THR, where Taylor states his mission to go back to the roots of the team. In short? Everybody, whether they're as famous as Harley Quinn or King Shark, is accepting a suicide mission. And sometimes they'll live up to the name:

No reader should know what to expect when picking up this book. We don't want anyone reading our series and thinking, 'Well, they can't die because they're in the movie.' No one is off limits here. Our new characters, and some more obscure established DC characters, offer us a chance to have real stakes. If someone dies in our team, they're not coming back. We want readers going in with a sense of nervousness. Yes, there will be some despair for our team, but their victories will be sweeter. When and if they survive, it will feel big.

The teaser image for the series' first cover art by Ivan Reis, and the plot synopsis of the first issue have also been released by DC Comics, so take a look below:

Suicide Squad new comic

This Squad’s new mission is to neutralize a new group of international super-terrorists known as the Revolutionaries—and not everyone on either side will make it out alive! But when the U.S. government’s most deniable team of antiheroes realizes that the surviving Revolutionaries will be joining the Squad, that’s when the fireworks really begin!

Visionary director James Gunn will be directing The Suicide Squad, which is scheduled to be released in theaters on August 6th, 2021. The new ongoing series couldn't have chosen a better time to launch, since the movie will also not be a direct sequel to the first film, Suicide Squad. Will the team that gracing the pages be shaped to resemble the team that fans will see on the big screen? Only time will tell.

The 40-page, $4.99 debut issue of Suicide Squad #1 is scheduled to release on December 18th, 2019.

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Source: THR

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