'Suicide Squad' Adds Scott Eastwood & Ray Olubowale - Who Will They Play?

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As production on the Suicide Squad movie starts to ramp up, speculation over the film's cast and possible ties to the budding DC Movie Universe shows no signs of slowing. Aside from rumors about villain costumes, and unbelievable easter eggs for future DC Comics movies, some official updates have also started to roll in.

Though the roles outside of the central cast are being kept quiet, fans can add actor Scott Eastwood (The Longest Ride) and Canadian boxer/bodyguard/actor Ray Olubowale (Resident Evil: Afterlife). And already, rumors have immediately started swirling about which DC Comics villains they may be playing.

It's less surprising to see Eastwood confirm his involvement to eTalk, given his appearance alongside actress Cara Delevingne in recent instagram pictures in Toronto (where production will take place). Eastwood may next be seen starring in the upcoming Nicholas Sparks novel adaptation The Longest Ride, but it's his small role in director David Ayer's Fury that likely helped land him the job (as just the latest Ayer collaborator rumored for a role).

Scott Eastwood Cast Suicide Squad Movie

Some have begun to speculate that Eastwood's role could be a major one, but given all the rumored twists and key players already in place, it's hard to believe that a major role has gone unmentioned until now. It seems far more likely that Ayer saw some promise in his time spent with Eastwood, and has called upon the actor to fill another small, but meaningful role (there will be plenty of supporting inmates and military figures to go around).

The better news (for fans of outlandish and superpowered DC Comics villains, at least) is the casting of Nigerian-Canadian boxer Ray Olubowale, most notable for his role as the 'Axe Man' in the Resident Evil series. His role in Suicide Squad (filming under the title of 'Bravo 14') was confirmed by Toronto Sun, but lacked any explicit details on the character he'll be playing.

Obviously, the 6'7" Olubowale has been sought for his size and experience in prosthetics-laden action. With the version of the Squad seen in the recent comic reboot and the animated feature Assault on Arkham featuring the deadly King Shark, some are pointing to this casting as confirmation of the homicidal, humanoid shark's presence on film. The more supernatural/fantastic/mystical elements of the character would make him an odd inclusion, however, given the grounded style of the overall film.

Ray Olubowale Suicide Squad Actor

Earlier versions of the script were rumored to call upon the oversized bruiser Blockbuster - a villain whose powers and origin story are nowhere near as well-known. It's still possible King Shark could be featured, with his bloodlust and mystical ancestry merely alluded to with a prosthetic or two, but limited to a Belle Reve prison cameo. There is also very little known about the forces of The Onslaught, the organized forces expected to do battle with the Squad; is it possible that either Eastwood or Olubowale will be working for the opposing side?

Speculation is almost too easy when a majority of the dozens of characters expected to appear in Suicide Squad will play minimal roles, but have enough comic book history behind them to fuel rumors. What is certain is that David Ayer has added a physical performer sure to make a big impression, and a young actor whose talents many are curious to see tested. Beyond that, it's all guess work.

What do you make of the latest additions to the cast of Suicide Squad? Are there specific comic book characters that you think these actors would be right for, or is it the film's key players that have you attention? Sound off in the comments.

Suicide Squad hits theaters August 5, 2016.

Source: Toronto Sun, eTalk

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